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Have You Seen This? The future has arrived at 103.4 mph
Devin Supertramps new video is a peek into the future of single-person flight using a Flyboard Air, which is a perfect mix between hoverboard and jetpack. - photo by Martha Ostergar
WILD BLUE YONDER Devin Supertramp Graham is at it again, bringing us high-resolution videos of death-defying feats.

This time he captures a courageous, flying human as he zips through the Utah and Nevada skies on a Flyboard Air, which is the closest thing we have to Marty McFlys hoverboard in Back to the Future Part II. Well, its more like Martys hoverboard on steroids. In fact, its a perfect mix of two things the future seemed to promise us a hoverboard and a jetpack.

Graham has a long-standing tradition of filming adrenaline-fueled activities that look like they would immediately injure the average person. Among other things, hes filmed people waterskiing barefoot behind a plane, riding a 600-foot rope swing, slip and sliding off a cliff, and much, much more. Hes no stranger to movie danger.

In this featured video, a man flies through the air with the greatest of ease like the man on the flying trapeze but he does it without the comfort of a safety net. In fact, its a fairly good impression of Boba Fett, if Boba Fetts jetpack was located on his feet. (I know I could compare him to Iron Man here, but with the Flyboard getup, he really does look more like Boba Fett.)

According to the video description, the flyers top speed is 103.4 miles per hour, which is insane. Its certainly not an activity for the faint of heart, now or in the future.

These high-risk videos are sure fun to watch, but I for one am more than happy to experience them from my couch with a cool beverage and at almost no risk of an immediate, painful death.