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Have You Seen This? When things move too fast
This kids reaction to riding a roller coaster for the first time is a perfect life metaphor. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE PARK When youre a kid, growing up is exciting.

In fact, growing up is probably the only age-related rite of passage that society seems to look forward to. From being tall enough to ride your first roller coaster to getting your drivers license to moving out of your parents house, every point is celebrated, and we all rush up to meet these events.

But often life moves too fast, and you dont realize its moving too fast until its too late. Thats what makes this hilarious video a perfect life metaphor.

Micah is so amazingly excited to ride his first coaster. Its obvious that hes particularly excited to go fast, making sounds and gestures typical of any kid who feels the need for speed. But little Micah has yet to learn the stomach-churning feelings of riding roller coasters ... or the crushing responsibilities and realities of adulthood.

Cut to Micah mid-coaster ride where he sadly proclaims, Its too fast! with the biggest tears and the saddest expression.

I hear you, Micah. For as most adults will tell you, life starts coming at you and sometimes we also want to cling to the person next to us and proclaim, Its too fast!

Ferris Bueller probably delivers the best advice for all the youngsters looking to push faster and faster toward growing up: Life moves pretty fast. If you dont stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.