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How safe is your state? Here are the the top 15
Want to know the safest place to raise a family? Here are the 15 safest states, based on financial, road and community safety rankings. - photo by Herb Scribner
The 100 days of summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the deadliest time of year for children, according to Deseret News' Lois Collins and Marjorie Cortez.

Thats because children often take risks during the summer months, which lead to more drownings, recreational vehicle accidents, falls while hiking, bike crashes and other warm-weather accidents, Collins and Cortez reported.

To raise awareness about the dangers of summer, the National Safety Council has made June National Safety Month.

But being aware of the dangers isn't always enough. Sometimes, in order to stay safe, more drastic action such as relocating to a different part of the nation is needed.

To help with that, WalletHub released a report this week that looked at the safest states in the nation to live in. To find this, WalletHub analyzed the financial, road, workplace, natural disaster and home and community safety.

As much as wed all like to point at a random spot on a map and decide to live there, relocating is unfortunately never that easy, according to WalletHub. And it shouldnt be. We all have different needs to evaluate before packing the dishes. For some of us, cost of living and tax burden are the most important factors. For others, its education standards, health care quality or all of the above. But whatever our motivations for moving, safety should always rank among our top priorities when comparing places to live.

Heres a look at the top 15 safest states to live in.

1. Massachusetts

The Bay State ranked at the top of the list in terms of safety, largely thanks to its high road safety rating.

2. Vermont

Just north of Massachusetts, Vermont has high safety ratings for natural disasters, financial, home and community and workplace safety numbers.

3. Minnesota

Minnesota has the highest financial safety in the nation, the second highest road safety numbers and the fourth highest workplace safety ranking.

4. New Hampshire

New Hampshire has the second highest workplace safety ranking, as well as the sixth highest natural disaster safety ranking and seventh highest financial safety ranking.

5. Hawaii

For a group of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is a rather safe state, too. Hawaii has the highest natural disaster safety ranking as well as the fifth safest community ranking.

6. Utah

The Beehive State is also a safe place for families. The state was the fifth safest state for financial security and the seventh highest for both road safety and natural disaster safety.

7. Connecticut

Connecticut has the second highest home and community safety ranking, just behind New York, which borders Connecticut. The state also has the fourth highest road safety ranking.

8. Rhode Island

Just to the east of Connecticut, Rhode Island has the safest workplaces in the nation. The state also has the sixth highest home and community safety ranking.

9. Virginia

Virginia is a moderately safe state and is the sixth safest state for road safety in the nation.

10. Maine

One of the nations most northern states has the third highest safety ranking for natural disasters.

11. Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a rather safe state, too. It ranks at the 10th and 11th spot for financial and road safety, respectively.

12. Iowa

Iowa, which rests in the middle of the nation, is one of the safest states in the country. It has the seventh highest financial security ranking and the eighth highest road safety ranking.

13. Washington

All the rain and wet weather may have forced Washington to have some of the safest roads in the country, ranking at the fifth spot on the list.

14. Ohio

Ohio is a relatively safe place, too, with the third highest road safety ranking in the nation.

15. New York

New Yorks got moderate safety across the board, but it really shines with its home and communities, which are the safest in the nation.