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Instagram adds new slider poll. Heres what it lets you do
Traffic moves slowly on I-15 in South Salt Lake on Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017. - photo by Herb Scribner
Instagram just added a new emoji slider to help users better understand their audience.

Or at least they can find out how much their followers enjoy pizza.

Instagrams 44th update added a new feature of a polling option, where users can add an emoji slider to see how much or how little people care about something.

To add it to your Instagram story, select the scale option in the sticker tray on Instagram. Write your question, choose your emoji and then add the slider tool.

When followers answer, youll have a chance to see where your followers voted along the scale.

You can use also almost any emoji for the question, according to The Verge.

Instagram was criticized for adding the stories function since its similar to Snapchats story function. But these interactive and easy-to-use features differentiate it with some originality, and ingenuity, according to Mashable.

Mashable sees a good future for the tool.

We predict that this feature is going to be hot amongst the youths, millennials, and Facebook-migrating moms alike, Mashable's Rachel Kraus wrote. How hot? Well, we'll need an Insta emoji slider poll for that.

The slider tool is available after you update your app on Android and Instagram.