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'New' Dr. Seuss work coming this summer
The "new" Seuss title is "What Pet Should I Get?" - photo by Chandra Johnson
July is for book lovers. Or, at least, this coming July.

Just weeks after major publishing house Harper Collins announced it had found "To Kill a Mockingbird" author Harper Lee's lost manuscript featuring a grown-up Scout Finch, Random House unveiled plans to publish a rediscovered manuscript from Dr. Seuss.

Both are slated for July release, to the glee of many book lovers (Lee's newest, "Go Set a Watchman," is already topping Amazon's bestseller list in pre-orders). But there's also some concern.

In Lee's case, one worry is that her health may have made her vulnerable to manipulation, but others have also called into question the quality of the found Lee and Seuss works. The "new" Seuss title is "What Pet Should I Get?"

"Its a fair rule of thumb that an unpublished work by a major author is unpublished for a reason," the UK Guardian's Stephen Moss wrote. "Re-encountering the narrator Scout as an adult will be fascinating, but will the book be any good?"

And not everyone is excited about the newest addition to the Seuss canon, either.

Washington Post's Book World editor Ron Charles wrote a rhyming response to the news.

"I would not read it to a mouse. I would not read it, Random House," Charles wrote. "I do not want his yellowed notes. I have enough of what he wrotes!"