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New Yorkers look for cuddle buddies during the Juno blizzard
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New Yorkers are looking to spend time with a significant other during the Juno blizzard only these relationships are brand new. - photo by Herb Scribner
New Yorkers know they can get Chinese food at 3 a.m.

And now they can apparently get a boyfriend or girlfriend for a blizzard.

As first reported by Business Insider, Craiglist users in the Big Apple are looking for boyfriends or girlfriends for the forthcoming Juno blizzard, which is expected to drop two to three feet of snow on much of the Northeast.

Snow is on the way to the Northeast region, and singles everywhere are frantically searching the personal ads of Craigslist hoping to find someone to snuggle up with before they're trapped in their apartment for a few days, Business Insiders Caroline Moss reported.

Moss highlighted two listings, both posted by men, who were looking for a woman to cuddle with during the storm.

Most of the posts arent very family-friendly or safe for work. New York Magazine offered a deeper look at some of the lighter ones, which include women and men alike looking for partners to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu together during the noreaster.

One user is looking for someone to share food with, according to New York Magazine. Another just wants a little bit of heat for the storm. Others are looking for someone to help them feel safe.

Many Americans are scared of storms, whether theyre full of rain, snow or thunder. According to research cited by USA Today, one in 10 Americans have severe weather phobia.

"It's definitely normal, and we want people to have some sort of fear of storms to an extent, because you're more apt to be proactive about it ... but not to the point where people are so fearful they do nothing, said Jill Coleman, one of the researchers.

As the storm starts to wreak havoc on the Northeast, expect to see more of these ads pop up on Craiglists. Maybe you, too, can find the love of your life.