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United Airlines takes tomato juice off the menu, quickly changes it mind
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For a brief moment, United Airlines cut the vine on tomato juice. But the company has since reversed its decision.

According to SF Gate, United Airlines passengers reacted negatively after they discovered the airline recently removed some drinks from its menu, including tomato juice, Sprite Zero and a handful of alcoholic beverages, like Jim Beam.

The airline dropped the drinks to streamline its services to flights under four hours, according to CNBC.

Tomato juice was replaced with a bloody mary mix for those wanting to make the alcoholic beverages. Those who wanted to drink tomato juice on its own, however, were left high and dry.

An insider told CNBC the change came as United faced backlash over a number of incidents earlier this year.

But passengers didnt want to say goodbye to the vegetable drink. As Mashable reported, a slew of United passenger tweeted out on social media in support of the drink.

United Airlines heard the complaints, though, and decided to bring the drink back.

"We want our customers to know that we value and appreciate them and that we're listening," the airline told SF Gate in a statement. "Our customers told us that they were not happy about the removal of tomato juice so we're bringing it back onboard as part of our complimentary beverage offering."

This is the second time this week that fans called for a revival that ended up happening. According to The New York Times, fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine rejoiced when NBC decided to revive the Fox comedy. The shows cast praised fans for helping inspire NBC to pick up the show, which had been canceled last week by Fox.

Thank you to everyone for the crazy outpouring of support, star Andy Samberg wrote on Twitter. It means the world to us. It wouldnt have happened without you.