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Knights in shining ... armor
knighting 1230
Shane MacMahon gets knighted by Savannah River Mill “king” Russ McCollister during the festivities. - photo by Photo by Pat Donahue
It wasn’t quite a mid-summer’s eve at the Georgia-Pacific Savannah River Mill, but they did get medievel to continue to raise money for the United Way. Events included archery, with rubber-tipped arrows, attacking the “dragon,” jousting and a javelin toss, among others.
There were also donations taken in order to put a pie in the face of the participants at  the “Knights of the United Way” event. 
The partnership between Georgia-Pacific and the United Way stretches back tot he 1990s and the company has been providing loaned associates to the United Way campaign since 2000. Since 2008, it has provided two loaned associates each year. This year’s associates are Paul Mongin and Natalie Neal-Wiser.