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Spread the word safety is top for Fire and Rescue
Marlow Elementary pre-k students practice the stop, drop and roll technique. - photo by Photo provided
October was a busy month for Effingham County Fire Rescue, with not just emergencies, but Fire Safety!
So far this year, Effingham County Fire Rescue has conducted 51 fire and life safety classes, seeing more than 900 participants. Due to the number of schools in the area and the requests for programs, Fire Prevention Week has been turned into Fire and Life Safety Month.
And there are still many more programs yet to come.
The second grade program teaches everyone to be safe around stoves, candles, and fireplaces; identifying smoke alarms and pull stations; and practicing fire drills at school and home. 
This takes place inside the Effingham Fire Rescue fire safety trailer, which was obtained through the 2001 Assistance to Firefighters Grant.
The first grade program teaches everyone to be safe at Halloween and knowing when and how to call 9-1-1. The Halloween safety program teaches the kids to use a flashlight when trick-or-treating around at night and adding a glow stick to their costume to be seen; looking both ways before crossing the street and walking with an adult; staying a safe distance from decorations with candles; and having an adult check their candy before eating any.
Knowing when and how to call 9-1-1 teaches kids the difference between what is and isn’t an emergency, what number to dial, and what information is needed when calling 9-1-1 (name, address, phone number, and the emergency). The students take a pledge to learn and practice their address and phone number.
The pre-k programs teaches children to leave matches and lighters alone, stop, drop and roll, and firefighters in gear. By seeing a friendly firefighter put on their gear, the students learn the sights and sounds of working firefighters, and not to fear a firefighter that is there to help.
The kindergarten program reinforces the Friendly Firefighter concept, what tools firefighters use, and staying safe around outdoor/camp fires.
But efforts have not been limited just inside of Effingham County. The fire safety clowns, Crash and Twinkle, participated at Richmond Hill’s Safety Day. Crash and Twinkle helped firefighters from all around southeast Georgia to get people excited about staying safe.