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States DHR joins the YouTube generation
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ATLANTA — The Georgia Department of Human Resources has launched the agency’s official video channel on and is inviting all Georgia residents to subscribe to for free information about its services and resources.

DHR’s YouTube content will include information and educational videos from all its divisions and offices, as well as messages from agency partners that will benefit the quality of life of its viewers.

“DHR’s new YouTube media channel is in alignment with our mission to strengthen Georgia’s families and our vision to give customers more control over accessing information they need at any time,” said Dena Smith, DHR director of the Office of Communications.

There are currently three videos posted in DHR’s channel by the Division of Public Health. The messages target different groups of At-Risk Populations. One video contains information for the hearing impaired on what to do when a hurricane warning has been issued. The video includes voiceover and a man communicating in American Sign Language.

Upcoming videos include one for the state emergency registry of volunteers, SERVGA, that is administered by DHR’s DPH.

The other two videos features DPH Medical Director of the Office of Emergency Preparedness, Dr. J. Patrick O’Neal encouraging customers with disabilities and customers with diabetes to create a preparedness disaster kit that meets their specific needs in the event of a natural disaster  or disease outbreak.

DHR is a health and social services agency created in 1972 by the Georgia General Assembly. The department is one of the largest agencies in state government with more than 19,000 employees. It serves all Georgia citizens by providing human services throughout the state.