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Brown graduates from Leadership Georgia and Georgia Southern
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Jackie Brown

ingham County High School school social worker and homeless liaison for Effingham County School System, has graduated from the Leadership Georgia program.

Brown was named the school social worker of the year for District 1 in 2012. Currently, she serves as president for District 1 in The School Social Workers Association of Georgia. She has gained a reputation among administrators and co-workers as a guardian angel who genuinely cares for the people in her community. She is known to expend every effort in assisting underserviced and impoverished families in Effingham County.

Brown also received her doctorate in education and education administration from Georgia Southern University on Dec. 11, 2015.

While some teachers assist struggling students who need to pass a math quiz, Brown works with students who are struggling to eat, stay warm, or find a way to school to take that math quiz. She uses her skills as a resource coordinator for Pre-K students – her first job out of college – to provide these students with not only transportation and supplies but also hope.

“Each year I am appreciative of Ms. Brown for making sure my children have transportation to school, even though we have to move a lot in the school year so that I can find affordable housing and work, said a mother of three children, who has been homeless for more than two years. “Ms. Brown made sure my children had uniforms and school supplies even though I was unable to afford them at the time. That really made a difference for me and my children especially when you’re on a limited income.”

Her supervisor, Dr. Sandra Nethels, sees the way Brown’s love for education leads to her daily success.

“Ms. Brown is very committed to education,” Nethels said. “She is sensitive to the needs of the students and families that she works with in our schools. There are many proficient and dedicated individuals in education, but Ms. Brown is outstanding. She is constantly broadening her knowledge and improving her skills in leadership. Ms. Brown richly deserves the honor of being selected to serve the Leadership Georgia class of 2015.”

Brown also received her doctorate in education and education administration from Georgia Southern University on Dec. 11, 2015.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania until she was 9, her parents witnessed a young Brown helping the elderly citizens in her neighborhood. When others around her were mistreated, she would come to their defense in a manner that demonstrated her belief in universal acceptance. She credits her profound sense of compassion to her father, James Brown Jr., who could always be relied upon to help those in need.

Leadership Georgia is a program designed to create a diverse group of leaders selected from all over the state. The group consists of 60 hand-picked individuals with various backgrounds, professions, and interests and a desire to work towards industrial, civic, and community improvement.

The organization’s close relationship with the Georgia Chamber of Commerce allows it to work with communities in the state. The team will travel to five Georgia communities in an effort to recognize, educate, and inspire current and potential leaders within the 25-45 age range.

Participants meet with host families – LGA alumni – who have designed events and activities that inform and enlighten the team. Part of the visit includes the identification and discussion of critical issues that affect the state, which helps to strengthen the problem-solving and communication skills of the team.

In its 44th year, Leadership Georgia has shown that it has a strong, positive influence on its participants. With alumni members including former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn and former UGA Athletic Director Vince Dooley, LGA has grown to become one of the most successful leadership programs in America.