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'Change' goes a long way for Family Promise
SFBC Rollins and Dickey
Springfield First Baptist Church pastor Jeff Rollins presents a check for $1,241.75 to Brian Dickey of Family Promise. The money was raised by the churchs vacation Bible school through donations of loose change. - photo by Photo provided

Back in June, the children in Springfield First Baptist Church’s vacation Bible school responded in a big way to a challenge from director Molly Marchese.

She asked them to bring in a daily offering of loose change to give to the Effingham chapter of Family Promise, an organization to help homeless people in the county.

At the end of the week, the offering from the children “was spilling out of three five-gallon buckets,” organizers said.

The children’s change added up to $1,241.75. Springfield First Baptist pastor Jeff Rollins recently presented the check to Brian Dickey, who is volunteering as the core group chair to launch Family Promise of Effingham.

“We are so blessed to be given this huge check from Springfield First Baptist’s VBS,” Dickey said. “The Family Promise group of volunteers sees that God is moving in Effingham, and finds His kingdom-work that encompasses all denominations alive and invigorating.”

Dickey explained to the SFBC congregation that Family Promise asks churches to serve as hosts for homeless families to help them get back on their feet. Family Promise of Effingham is in the process of securing local host churches, and is seeking financial donors as well.

Churches will host families, up to 14 people at a time, from Sunday evening to the following Sunday morning. The church serves the family dinner each night and gives them a place to sleep, with Family Promise providing the beds.

The families are not at the host church during the day. The children attend school and the adults spend the day at work or at the Family Promise day center.

For more information or to volunteer, visit or call (912) 268-0373.