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Guyton welcomes Idol winner Glover
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An “American Idol” came to Guyton on Saturday night.

Candice Glover, the season 12 winner of the televised singing competition, performed a concert at the Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Association Educational Center. She held meet-and-greets before and after the concert to thank fans for attending the show and for casting votes for her to win “American Idol.”

“It’s because of them that I’m even here right now in this position,” Glover said. “This whole thing, it’s not guaranteed. It could be gone in a second, so I never want to take it for granted. I always want to appreciate my fans and be grateful for everything that they’ve given me.”

The concert in Guyton was put on by Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church. Glover’s cousin Arnold Middleton is the church’s pastor.

“I’m Candice’s No. 1 fan,” Middleton said. “I said, ‘Hey, I need you to come in and do a concert.’ She said, ‘When?’”

A Beaufort, S.C., native, Glover now calls Atlanta home. She said she is working on her second album, likely to be released in late summer.

Glover was 23 when she won “American Idol” two years ago. She was the first “Idol” winner to audition three times before being cast for the live shows.

Seemingly overnight, the singer from the South Carolina Lowcountry became recognized wherever she went. Glover acknowledged she is still overwhelmed at times by how many people stop her to ask for an autograph or a picture, and she may never fully get used to it.

“But more than anything, my life changed in the most positive way that it ever could,” she said. “I went on ‘American Idol’ to fulfill my dreams, but I never thought in a million years that I would be doing something I love as a career. So every day that I wake up, I’m really, really thankful that this happened to me, and it’s still almost like a dream.”

Franklin Goldwire presented Glover a key to the city on behalf of Guyton officials. The plaque read in part, “Life is a dream — realize it.”

“You’ve done that,” Goldwire said to her.