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Red Hatters mark Reduation Day
12.19 Red Hatters
Queen Mother of the Red Hatters of Rincon presided over the recent “reduation day” for club member Kathy Bohannon, whose hat went from pink to red. - photo by Photo provided

The Red Hatters of Rincon recently had a two-fold celebration. It was “National Cookie Day” and “Reduation Day” for one of their members.

The Red Hat Society is an international society that promotes friendship, freedom (to try new things) and fulfillment for ladies over 50. However, if you’re under 50 and want to be a part of the fun, you’re allowed to join with the stipulation you wear a pink hat with your purple outfit.

Kathy Bohannon, their only pink hatter, recently turned 50 so she was honored with a “reduation” or “hatuation” ceremony and crowned with a new red hat. Maryanne Whatley, the Queen Mother of the group, presided over the rite of passage.

The group also enjoyed a luncheon and cookie swap. They only found out the morning of the event that it was officially National Cookie Day.

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