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Billy Beckett hired to serve as Interim Administrator

Billy Preston Beckett, of Peachtree City, has been hired by the Effingham County commissioners to serve as the Interim County Administrator.

Beckett will resume the role vacated by Toss Allen until a permanent candidate is chosen. Beckett will help in the search of his eventual replacement – he will serve the position for the next four to six months during the duration of the search.

Beckett will earn a wage of $75 per hour while serving in the interim role along with a $1,000 per month living wage. He will continue to live at his residence in Peachtree City on weekends and will commute and live in Effingham County during the week.

He will also be offered the use of a county vehicle to drive when in Effingham County during the week.

Beckett is no stranger to an interim title as he has held five such positions since his retirement – four of those were city positions while the fifth was a county position.

In those positions, Beckett was involved in searching for his replacement every time. Of the five selections made following the search, four of his choices still hold the position.

Beckett began to serve as the Interim County Administrator on Monday.