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Florist gives flowers to commuters hoping to make someones day
New Life 015

Inspired by Oprah’s Big Give television show, New Life Flowers and Gifts made April 4 a memorable and happy day for a few people in Effingham County.

Owner Stephanie Long wanted to do something for the people of the community after watching the reality show Oprah’s Big Give that airs every Sunday night on ABC.

On the show Oprah challenges 10 individuals to change people’s life in the most unexpected way through giving and some individuals end up with thousands and sometimes up to a million dollars.

“I’m not able to give people millions of dollars like Oprah, but I do have flowers,” Long said.

So, Long decided to give away flowers between the hours of 4-6 p.m. April 4 to everyone who stopped at the light at Highway 21 and Commercial Drive. The team at New Life handed out over 1,400 flowers in 30 minutes.

“I was so excited, I started at 3:50 p.m.” Long said. By 4:20 p.m. the staff of New Life was already out of flowers.

After such a great response from the community Long and her staff loaded up again for another round and gave out over 2,500 flowers in one hour.

“This feels great,” Long said. “My husband says I would be broke if I had any money because I would give it all away!”

Long wanted to make someone’s day by giving them a flower although there were a few people who were a bit hesitant, there were also a few people who tried to pay her.

“One guy even said, ‘You don’t see this kind of thing in the world today,” Long said. “Nobody does anything anymore without it costing you something. This is a great idea and I appreciate this. You have made my day, God bless you!’”

Long was so pleased with the response that she has plans to do it again.