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Christina Wilson
Christina Wilson - photo by Photo submitted

 SPRINGFIELD — Christina Wilson is seeking to return to an office she loved working in several years ago ago.

She was a member of the clerk of Effingham County Superior Court’s office before health concerns in her family forced her to leave.

 “In the four years I was there, I leaned just about every position.” Wilson said.

Wilson said that, although she doesn’t know firsthand the stress the clerk has in her job, she understands how the office runs and that she could step into any position and fill it.

Wilson has worked in accounting since the early 1990s. She earned an accounting degree from Georgia Southern in 2004. 

In addition to keeping court records and other court business, part of the clerk’s job is to receive and distribute monies collected in fines to the county and state.

“I think my background is strong when it comes to the clerk’s position,” she said. “And then I think my experience in the clerk’s office has really just added on to that.”

When said professionalism is a key trail that a court clerk needs.

“But you need someone who can work with other people – work with other departments,” she added. “You’re not just working with the courts, with the judges. You’re working with the attorneys, you have the county, with the Sheriff’s Office, you have to work with every department.”

She said she led an office with as many as seven people and that’s what sets her apart from other candidates for the post.

Wilson, a veteran of the Coast Guard, added that she has given some thought to the possibility of enabling the court to accept c