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County makes change on assessors board
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Effingham County commissioners voted to make a change among the board of assessors.

Commissioners approved placing Lloyd “Al” Trimm on the board, replacing Marcus Kessler.

Kessler had requested to be re-appointed to his post. He had served as a member of the assessors board since 2000 and is also a member of the library board. Trimm is a retired realtor and developer.

“The more people you get into these positions, the better,” said Commissioner Verna Phillips. “It’s not often you get somebody to come up and say, ‘I want to do this.’”

Commissioner Bob Brantley said he wanted to get Trimm’s appointment done so Trimm could attend the necessary training to be an assessors board member.

Commissioners also will send a letter of thanks to Kessler for his service to the board of assessors.

The assessors board has been expanded to five members, to coincide with the county commission districts.

A local citizens group, “We, the Taxpayers,” had asked for three assessors board members, including Kessler, to be removed. The group, which also is seeking a return to the 2008 land values over last year’s property values, withdrew that request.

Commissioners also approved hiring Lee, Black, Rouse and Hollis to represent the county’s board of assessors in any arbitrations and appeals that arise from those decisions.

Christopher Rouse routinely handles tax appeals for Chatham County, county attorney Eric Gotwalt said.

“I have never done tax appeal arbitrations,” he said. “Tax appeals through arbitration is a slightly different process.”

Gotwalt also said the assessors board is comfortable with Rouse.