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April/May/June reports
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April 27
Incident: Criminal trespass, animal complaint
City: Rincon
The complainant discovered one of his sheep dead in its pen. The sheep appeared to have been attacked by other animals. There were bite marks and shredding of the wool and skin. The complainant made a previous report that his emu had been attacked. Officers visited neighbors to determine if their dogs attacked the sheep. They had not. Animal control agreed to set traps for the dogs at fault. Chicken and armadillo carcasses also were seen in the area.

May 25
Incident: Armed robbery, possession of firearm/knife while attempting to commit a crime, kidnapping
City: Springfield
The victim was walking along Quail Run Circle when a car pulled up beside him and a male jumped out, striking him and forcing him into the vehicle. While inside, the offender brandished a gun and took the victim’s wallet and shoved the victim out of the car. The victim identified the vehicle as a four-door maroon Ford Contour. The case was turned over to investigators.

May 26
Incident: Damage to property
City: Bloomingdale
The complainant found an arrow lodged in his roof that may have come from a residence across the street. He did not know how long the arrow had been in the roof and feared it could have struck someone. The arrow was turned over to criminal investigations for fingerprinting.

May 27
Incident: Criminal trespass
City: Bloomingdale
While working in her yard, the complainant was approached by two males who came from a wooded area. One of them wore a ski mask. The complainant screamed and called for her son, then ran inside. She got her shotgun and told the males they were on private property and must leave. Upon arrival, the deputies searched the wooded area for the men, but were unsuccessful. The neighbors said that they, too, have seen the men before.

May 25
Incident: Animal complaint
City: Guyton
A loose pit bull in the neighborhood attacked the complainant’s two dogs in her yard. While trying to stop the attack, the complainant was injured. At the owner’s request, animal control euthanized the pit bull. The injured dog was taken to the animal hospital and the complainant went to the emergency room to be treated for her injuries.

May 31
Incident: Leaving the scene of an accident
City: Bloomingdale
A boy was struck from behind by a truck as he rode his bicycle. Emergency medical services were called, but the complainant refused to take the child to the emergency room. A be on the lookout advisory was placed for the truck.

June 1
Incident: Burglary, theft by taking, entering motor vehicle with intent to commit theft
City: Guyton
Upon entering his garage to leave for work the complainant found his wife’s car missing and the garage door open. His wife also discovered that her purse and cellphone were missing. A bedroom window had been opened and the screen torn from the frame. A be on the lookout advisory was aired for the vehicle and the scene was turned over to investigators.