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Crime reports
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Possession of marijuana

of less than one ounce

An officer was on patrol in the abandoned Cross Gate Subdivision off 119 when he came to a truck parked in the back. The officer observed a female walking toward the rear of the truck from out of the woods. The officer talked with the female who stated that she was a student at the high school. She also stated the reason they were in the subdivision was that she "had to pee really bad," so they came in there to use the restroom. The officer then spoke with the driver, who stated that they all had to go to the restroom, however, he also stated that they had just left the Parker’s store in Guyton. When the officer took the male to the rear of the vehicle, the boy said that they had skipped school and came to the subdivision to smoke marijuana. He further stated that there was a small amount of it left in the truck and that it was the girl’s marijuana. The officer then spoke with the first female again about what they were doing. She stuck to her story at first but then she admitted that they were smoking but the pot wasn’t hers. The third girl stated that they had skipped school and smoked marijuana also. The officer took all three students into custody. The older female was arrested for possession of marijuana.



Criminal damage to property

in the second degree

An officer met with a woman who stated that her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend keyed her car. The officer observed scratches on the driver’s side, rear and passenger side of the vehicle from front to back. A profane word was scratched into the car on the passenger side of the vehicle. The woman said that her friend had witnessed the woman and her boyfriend around the vehicle and then they noticed that it had been keyed. The woman also stated that she has been getting texts from the ex-girlfriend which stated "hey man don’t worry about seeing me anymore I know the truth, just drove up and seen your car at his parent’s house, don’t worry I’m blocking you." While speaking with the officer, the woman got another text from the offender.



Traffic violation/complaint

An officer responded to a vehicle blocking the roadway on Highway 119 north near mile marker 12. The vehicle was a late model Mazda Miata with a paper dealership tag. Another officer was already on the scene and had contacted the dealership, Fairway Lincoln of Savannah. The officer said that the dealership had loaned the vehicle to a woman for a test drive and she had not returned it. A firearm was found in the glove box. The firearm was not wanted and was secured. The driver of the car arrived on scene with a gas can and stated that she had run out of gas and left the vehicle partially in the roadway temporarily. The woman also told the sheriff that she had financed the car but had no proof of documentation. The woman was found to have a suspended license. She was taken into custody and taken to the Effingham County Jail.




An officer spoke with a woman who stated that she had generic Floricet pills stolen from her home. She believed that her niece and her husband were the subjects who stole the pills. She allows them to use the washer and dryer and they both made comments about the pills on the last date. After the two had left the residence, the complainant wasn’t able to find the pills or the bag they were in. The complainant did not know the offender’s current address because they move around so much.




A complainant came into the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office to report that her ex-husband had been harassing her. They have been divorced since fall 2011 and he is refusing to accept the fact that their marriage is dissolved. He is constantly calling her and sending her text messages saying such things as "If I can’t have you, nobody can" and "that God had told me that we will get back together." The offender displayed aggression towards other males that he felt may be interested in her. The complainant is concerned that her well being may be in jeopardy.



Open container of alcohol while operating vehicle

Reckless driving

Possession of alcohol beverage while operating vehicle-under 21 years of age

Fleeing/eluding police officer

Driving under the influence-less safe drugs (first offense)

An officer observed a vehicle driving recklessly by swerving and almost running into the ditch several times. When the officer tried to stop the vehicle, the truck did not stop at first. When the officer finally spoke with the driver, he observed a loaded 12 gauge shotgun next to him in the seat, as well as an unopened can of beer. The officer asked the man to step out of the vehicle, which he did. The officer then observed an open can of beer. He admitted to drinking and agreed to take the portable breath test. The officer placed the man under arrest and took him to the Effingham County Jail.



Domestic dispute

Civil matter

An officer spoke with the complainant who stated that her mother would not give her the keys to her car. She stated that the vehicle was hers but her mother wouldn’t let her leave. The mother stated that her daughter has drank and driven before, and she was worried about her grandchildren. The officer told the mother that she could not stop her daughter from leaving due to the vehicle being hers. She debated that the daughter was known for drinking and driving, so the officer asked the daughter if she wouldn’t mind voluntarily submitting to a sample of her breath for a breath test. The daughter agreed and the test showed no presence of alcohol. The daughter was given her keys and both parties were advised of possible remedies through the courts.



Failure to yield, intersection

Driving without a license

Obstruction/ hindering a law enforcement officer (misdemeanor)

While an officer was getting ready to cross the intersection of Highways 21 and 119, a maroon Oldsmobile made a left turn onto 119 in front of the officer, causing him to slam on brakes. The officer immediately got behind the vehicle. While behind the vehicle, the driver kept pressing the brakes as if he didn’t know if he was going to stop or keep going. The officer activated the emergency lights and the driver still acted as if he didn’t know if he was going to stop or not. Before the vehicle stopped, the officer noticed the driver switching seats with the passenger. Once they made the switch, the vehicle came to an immediate stop. There was another passenger in the back. The driver told the officer that the reason they switched was because the passenger had a hard time seeing at night. The officer was advised that the driver was unlicensed. Both the driver and the passenger were taken to the Effingham County Jail.



Civil matter

An officer responded to a complainant who stated that Georgia Power replaced the power pole at the end of his driveway. The complainant stated that they didn’t take the old pole with them due to Comcast still having lines attached to it. He stated that Georgia Power cut the top half of the pole off to keep it from interfering with their lines. The complainant stated that he has contacted Comcast three times and said that they refused to move the lines to the new pole without charging him.




Threats of harm (self or others)

An officer was dispatched in reference to harassment and threats. The officer spoke with the complainant who stated that the garbage truck man threatened and harassed him. He stated that the driver "whipped" by his house again, failing to pick up his garbage. He said that this is the second week that this occurred. He stated that when he walked up next to the truck and asked why his garbage wasn’t being picked up, the truck driver got extremely rude.



Fraud Flim Flam (Felony)

An officer spoke with a man who received a phone call from a woman that he believed was his granddaughter. She told him that she was in jail in Mexico and needed $4,300 to get out of jail. A man then spoke with the complainant stating that he was the granddaughter’s attorney. He instructed the man to go to a local Wal-mart and wire the money to them in Mexico. When the man arrived at the Wal-mart and attempted to wire the money, a representative from Money Gram spoke with him and advised him that he should not send the money, and to also verify where his granddaughter was. She was with her mother somewhere else, but definitely not in Mexico. The "attorney" called the man several times wanting an update on the money, but stopped calling when an officer answered.



Public Intoxication

While patrolling the area, an officer located a man standing at the intersection of Clyo-Kildare Road and Reedsville Road, in the pouring rain attempting to flag down a passing motorist. The officer spoke with the man who stated that he needed to get some cigarettes and was attempting to locate a store. The officer asked why he was standing in the middle of the road, on a dark rainy night. The man stated that he was trying to get a ride but no one would stop to give him a ride. The officer noticed alcohol on the man’s breath. He also noticed that the man could not tell him where he was staying with or the names of the people that he knew. The man could not give the officer any information to where he was staying or who he was with. The officer put him under arrest for public intoxication.