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Drug busts net three arrests
Fail Samantha
Samantha Fail

Effingham County Sheriff’s Office Drug Suppression Unit operations resulted in three arrests Friday afternoon.

Investigators recovered a large amount of marijuana, crack cocaine and a stolen vehicle in a drug bust conducted on Magnolia Street in south Effingham County. Authorities found more than a pound and a half of marijuana, several pot plants, an ounce of crack cocaine and a vehicle that had been reported as stolen from Richmond Hill.

Upon complaints of ongoing drug activity in the area, investigators arrested Larry Blackman, 45, of Bloomingdale. In the middle of that arrest, Beauford Harrington, 43, of Savannah, drove up to Blackman’s house and also was subsequently arrested.

Investigators said Harrington, who was carrying more than a pound and a half of pot and driving a pickup stolen from Richmond Hill, was there to make a drug sale to Blackman.

Blackman was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, manufacturing marijuana and possession of tools for the commission of a crime. The pot plants were found near the residence.

Harrington has been charged with criminal attempt to sell marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and theft by receiving stolen property.

In a separate incident, Samantha Fail, 25, was arrested at a residence on Central Avenue in Guyton and charged with unlawful possession of pseudophedrine and conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine.

Additional arrests are expected in the ongoing investigations.