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ECSO issues warning on new form of "acid"
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The Effingham County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public of a new form of LSD being sold in the region.

A new synthetic chemical combination LSD, also known as “acid,“ has been located on a few different occasions in Effingham County.

In one case, a woman received an envelope which contained a sheet of “acid.“ The drug can easily be hidden and not easy to identify unless you know what you are looking for.

“The drug causes confusion, scrambled communication, tunnel vision, nausea, fear, panic, unwanted feelings of life-changing experiences and seizures,” said ECSO spokesman Detective David Ehsanipoor. “This deadly drug has killed at least three people around the nation in the past 17 months.

“This is going to be a global effort as opposed to local law enforcement. We are urging parents of teenagers to educate themselves on this synthetic drug which is becoming more and more common with teens,” Ehsanipoor continued.