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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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May 22
Agency assist
Deputies were called out by a probation officer to help with a search of a residence. They found three long guns, and the homeowner is a convicted felon. However, he said the guns belonged to his son. The homeowner was arrested and the weapons were taken to the ECSO evidence locker.

Traffic accident
A deputy went to the Historic Courthouse after a man called and said he had struck a deer the night before, but he was too tired at the time to make the report. The man had the deer in the back of his truck, and the deputy saw the deer lying in the truck bed. There also appeared to be deer hair stuck in the front bumper and grill.

May 23
Deputies responded to a call from a woman who accused her husband of having an affair with a neighbor. She said her husband had three knives and threatened to cut her. She also claimed he had a cinder block and threatened to throw it through a bedroom window. Deputies could not find her husband, and the woman opted to stay with her daughter for the night.

Animal complaint
An alarm went off at a home, and deputies responded to the scene. They found the front door of the home open but found nothing amiss in the house. While checking the back of the house, deputies noticed “a horrible odor” from the garage. They found a dead dog in a kennel, and the dog had its head stuck in a feeding jar. Deputies also noticed buzzards in the back yard.

The homeowner and her son eventually arrived, and she said her son set the alarm off accidentally. They were informed that humane enforcement was en route and there was a dead dog in the back yard and neither appeared surprised at the news. They did not ask to see the animal, how it happened and did not ask about the dog. The woman said she didn’t smell anything and told deputies her son is responsible for the dog and went back to work. The son said he had fed the dog four days before and watered the dog three days previously.

May 25
A Guyton area man said he went to another house to collect money owed to his son. He told the homeowner’s wife to wake his “backside” up. The homeowner came to the front door in an aggravated manner and told the man to get the (expletive) off his property or he would kill him. The man said that wasn’t going to happen, and the homeowner said. “I’m going to get something for you, old man.”

The man said he went back to his truck and the homeowner threw something at it. As he got his son to tell him they needed to leave, the homeowner emerged from a ditch with a rifle and said they had five seconds to get off his property, before firing his rifle in their general direction. The son said that after his father left, the homeowner fired at his car. The son said the homeowner owes him $300-$400 for work on their rental house.

The homeowner and his wife said the man came to their house demanding money and was very rude. The homeowner said he told the man to leave and he refused, at which point the homeowner said he went after the man and did throw a dog collar at his truck. He said he did not have a gun in his hands during the incident and said he never left his front porch.

The son tried to show deputies where a bullet hit but there were no shells on the ground and there were no marks consistent with a round hitting anything.

A couple hours of later, deputies went to the home of the first man, who said he had gotten a text that said, “Bad move, dude” from a number they said belonged to the homeowner. The homeowner said he had not sent a text but admitted he had “butt dialed” them earlier.