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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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June 18
Disorderly conduct
Deputies were called to a Guyton area home on the report of a possible fight with weapons. Dispatchers told deputies the complainant was in the yard with a shovel and the alleged offender had a baseball bat. The offender was said to have gone to the complainant’s home and beat on the door. The offender said he had come to the home to get the rest of his belongings. He admitted he had a bat with him all day long and made sure to bring it with him. He attempted to get the complainant to come into the yard, sending him two text messages, and said those were sent because the complainant was telling people he was going to hurt him. He also said the complainant had caused him to lose his job.

The complainant said he had been released from the hospital earlier that day after suffering a small heart attack. He told deputies he had no idea the offender was coming to home and was in the home with his family when the offender began banging on the door.

He said he grabbed a shovel he had in the house and had it in hand when he opened the door, using it persuade the offender to back away from the door. The complainant told deputies he did not want to press charges against the offender, only for him to go away and not come back. The offender had his property returned to him and was advised not to come back.

June 17
Disorderly conduct
Simple battery
Deputies were called to a domestic dispute between a young man and his stepfather. The stepdad appeared to be severely intoxicated, using profanity in every phase. He was being very loud, drawing the attention of his neighbors. Deputies could not get a straight answer from the stepdad as to why he called for assistance. Even after he was told to lower his voice and stop using profanities, he continued to do so.

The stepson was standing in a neighbor’s yard and told deputies his stepdad got drunk and started complaining about how he and his girlfriend did not do their share around the house and began throwing the stepson’s clothes into the yard. The stepson said to get back at him he knocked over the stepdad’s TV and broke several mature plants.

Another stepson pulled up and began using profanity toward his brother. He was told to return to his vehicle and keep his comments to himself, and that other people in the neighborhood could hear him and he was only worsening the situation. Meanwhile, the stepdad continued to curse his stepson and his girlfriend in an elevated voice, eventually getting placed in handcuffs. The other stepson yelled, “This is a (expletive) county, man,” and he too was placed in handcuffs. The first stepson also was placed in handcuffs, and the second stepson apologized for his behavior, telling deputies he had had a bad day and was very angry as he drove up.

All three men were taken to the jail and charged. Witnesses on the scene would not complete voluntary statements about the events.

June 16
Identity theft
A woman came to the ECSO lobby, who said she filed her income taxes, only to discover someone had illegally obtained and filed her income tax return. She said that person may have taken her information during a home break-in in Savannah last year. She said the IRS advised her to file a report so the incident could be documented. She also went by the address of the person who stole her identity but it was a vacant duplex.

June 15
Obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers
Possession and use of drug-related objects
While on patrol on Log Landing Road around 1 a.m., a deputy saw a man hitchhiking. The man appeared to be unsteady on his feet and his eyes were glassy and bloodshot. A pat down for weapons revealed a hard, cylindrical object in the man’s left rear pocket. It was a glass tube, about two inches long and with the diameter of a pencil, which the deputy recognized as a crack pipe. The man was asked about the item and he said, “I don’t know, it ain’t mine.”

The deputy placed his right hand around the man’s right wrist and told him to place his hands behind his back. The man pulled away from the deputy’s grasp and after a brief struggle, the deputy regained control. During the struggle, the suspect got the crack pipe and threw it into the woods, and the deputy’s taser was damaged. Other deputies searched for the crack pipe but did not find it.

June 12
Deputies were called to a Guyton area home after a child was hit by a car. The driver of the car said that she thought all of her children were playing on the front porch and as she backed out of the driveway, she felt a slight bump. She thought it was a toy until she heard someone crying. The driver put her car in park and tended to the victim. The child’s parents were already at Memorial University Health Center with another of their children. EMTs tended to the child’s right leg.

June 10
Harassing phone calls
A Guyton man told deputies he and his wife were getting harassed over the Internet by an ex-girlfriend. He told deputies he had ended that relationship in February, but the ex has harassed him continually since. He was advised of civil procedures.