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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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July 19
Furnishing, purchasing and possession of alcoholic beverages
Pedestrian under the influence
While on patrol in Clyo, a deputy spotted a pickup stop in front of a church. The driver and passenger got out of the truck and grabbed something on the ground and then put it in the truck’s bed. The passenger got into the bed of the truck before it started moving again. The deputy turned on his spotlight to see what was in the truck’s bed. A man was lying on the tailgate, and the passenger who went to the truck bed was holding him to keep him from falling off. The deputy followed the pickup back to a residence, and the driver said the man on the tailgate was his stepson, who was too drunk to walk.

They had picked up the stepson, who was passed out and could not walk, in front of the church. Between bouts of vomiting, the stepson told the deputy who he was and agreed to undergo breath tests for alcohol. His blood alcohol level came back .109.

July 18
Deposit account fraud
Deputies were notified after a woman uncovered two suspicious charges on her debit card statement. The charges were listed at an Alpharetta furniture store for more than $2,600. The woman said she had no dealings with the store, either in-person or online. She called the store manager, who told her to file a police report and contact her bank. Deputies also called the store manager, who said the ordered furniture had yet to be delivered. He also said he would ask local authorities to help find whoever used the account numbers.

July 18
A woman called deputies to say her boyfriend hit her, but by the time they arrived he had left. She said they were arguing as she packed up her belongings, since she was ending the relationship. As they argued, she raised her middle finger toward him and he hit her in the face. During the ensuing struggle, he beat her head into the steps of the trailer, scratched her neck with his hands and used his hand to cover her mouth as she tried to scream for help.

July 17
Miscellaneous offense
A man told deputies that while he was ill for about a month, he had allowed his uncle to borrow his truck. He said one of his friends told him the truck had been taken to another man’s house, and he called that homeowner several times about getting his truck back, with no results. He said that man told him his truck would not be returned until the homeowner’s car was repaired. The complainant said his truck had been taken in Bryan County in June. He was told deputies could go to the other man’s house to talk to him but if he is not there or if he is not willing to give up the truck, the complainant would have to go to Bryan County to initiate a report.

Deputies knocked on the door of the home where the pickup was parked, and the truck was found behind the house. They heard what sounded like a back door to the house slamming shut but never made contact with the homeowner.

July 17
Seeing a car and a driver he did not know parked in his front yard, a man called deputies. The car was running and in reverse gear. The driver appeared unconscious and did not answer when deputies knocked on the window. The doors were locked but a rear window was open slightly, and a deputy was able to open a door and get into the car. The ignition was turned off, and the driver awoke. When asked why he was in someone’s front yard, the driver, who appeared confused and disoriented, said he must have wrecked the car. A search of the car turned up a purse and an ID belonging to a woman who was not in the car at the time, and the driver said he did not know where she was.

July 16
Fraudulent telephone solicitation
A man said a caller told him he had won $9,000 from a federal government grant fund and asked for his bank information. He gave his debit card number and was told to call a separate phone number and pay them $250, so the grant funds could be put into his account. He said the conversation did not seem right to him, so he called his bank, and he was informed he had been scammed.

July 16
Theft by taking - misdemeanor
A man, known only by his nickname, had asked continually about a complainant’s belongings and if he thought about selling some of the items. The complainant noticed that some of the items were missing later that day. The complainant said a neighbor talked to the suspect, who said he was “high and didn’t remember if he took it or not.” The neighbor said he spoke with the suspect, who didn’t come out and say he took the items. The suspect “may have taken the stuff” and the neighbor called him to tell him if he took the items to return them. The neighbor was taken into custody eventually on an outstanding warrant from Alabama.

July 16
Deputies were notified of a possible scam, after a woman complained of a recliner she placed for sale on A man sent her text message, stating he wanted to buy the chair and that his assistant would send a check. She received another text three days later that the assistant had made the check out for $1,980 and he apologized for the mistake. The text message also indicated she should deposit the check and send the remaining amount back. The woman notified authorities about a possible scam, and she received several more text messages that she did not answer. While deputies were at her home, the man who sent the check called, and deputies talked with him, telling him who they were and that they were at the woman’s home on a call about a possible fraudulent check. The man immediately hung up and sent a text message asking “what fraudulent check?” The check was turned over to the sheriff’s office.

July 15
Miscellaneous complaint
Deputies responded to an address for a second time in regard to a couple arguing. They were in a dispute over a vehicle as another woman was in on the conversation via speaker phone. The woman on the phone was claimed to have threatened to “come over and blanket party” the woman at the house. The woman said she understood the legal intent after being convicted previously of terroristic threats. The man, whose sister was the woman on the phone, said that was not true, and the woman at the house had threatened to call authorities if he left to visit his mother in the hospital.

July 14
Terroristic threats and acts
Harassing phone calls
A woman told deputies someone, using Skype, had called her home several times and disguised their voice in an attempt to harass their family. She said the caller has spoken to her teenage son and has had deputies from another county go to her oldest son’s home there on a report of dead bodies at that location. She said she is even more concerned since one of her sons had his car stolen at gunpoint in Pooler. The carjacking suspect matches the description of the suspect from an attempted armed robbery at a local hotel.

July 13
Animal at large
Deputies responded to a report of a dog bite on Old Louisville Road. A man said his son already had been taken to the hospital after being bitten. A deputy went to the residence where the dogs were kept, and no one was home. Several smaller dogs were seen, and two larger dogs ran around the house toward the deputy. The larger dogs appeared to be aggressive. As the deputy waited for humane enforcement to arrive, the dogs attacked and bit a woman who was walking toward the patrol car. The deputy pulled his vehicle toward the dogs to scare them off and used OC spray on them. The dogs came toward the deputy several times, causing him to withdraw his firearm in case they charged at him. Humane enforcement eventually removed four dogs, and a rabies exposure report was done for all victims.

July 13
Battery - family violence (first offense)
A deputy was dispatched to a domestic altercation, where a woman and her boyfriend said they had been drinking at his parents’ house. His parents had driven them back to their own home, where they got into an argument. Each claimed the other started the incident. The man had a bloody, swollen lip and the woman claimed he had slapped her three times and pushed her to the ground. It could not be determined who was the primary aggressor, and the woman was advised to spend the night at the house while the man would go back to his parents’ house for the rest of the evening.

July 12
Criminal trespass
A woman told deputies she had an argument with her husband and when she tried to leave in her car, he climbed on top of the hood. He used his fist to smash the windshield, which cracked in the driver’s side corner. She got out of the car and went inside her mother’s residence. When deputies arrived, they were told the husband was hiding in the woods. A search was unsuccessful, and the wife was advised to take copies of all previous instances to Victim Witness in order to obtain a temporary restraining order.

July 12
Agency assist
A driver in the right lane of Highway 21 northbound near Fort Howard Road flagged down a deputy. The driver informed the deputy there was a motorist apparently speeding and driving recklessly, and the driver feared that motorist might cause an accident. The deputy proceeded and pulled up behind the suspect car, initiating a traffic stop. The driver said she was on the phone with her boyfriend and was arguing with him and that she was sorry for driving erratically.