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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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Feb. 23
Aggravated assault - knife
A complainant told deputies her son had become agitated with her and violent, throwing a shovel in her direction and nearly hitting her and another of her sons. The suspect’s brother later came to the scene to resolve the situation. The brother advised the suspect came toward him with a knife, threatening to kill him and then his family. The brother took the threat seriously enough to retrieve a gun from his vehicle in order to defend himself. The suspect left, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Feb. 24
Two sisters got into an altercation when one sister started getting a little too rough while braiding the other sister’s hair, according to the report. The sisters began to argue and the offender pulled out the complainant’s braids. Both women said they put their fingers in the other’s face, resulting in the offender poking the complainant in the eye. The complainant then put the offender in a choke hold, and the offender bit the complainant on the left forearm. The complainant said she threw her sister on the ground and jumped over the railing, running back inside the home and locking the door. Neither sister wished to press charges.

March 1
Driving while license withdrawn
Violation of intermediate license
No proof of insurance - motorcycle
A motorcycle rider told a deputy he was on his way home when he almost had an accident with another vehicle. The motorcyclist denied any altercations with the other driver. The motorcyclist could not produce any bill of sale, insurance card or registration for the bike. He was taken to the Effingham County Jail, where he became increasingly argumentative and antagonistic.

The occupants of the other vehicle told deputies they were turning into their driveway and a motorcycle rider passed on their left and almost laid his motorcycle down while turning sharply. The motorcycle rider who was eventually arrested shouted to the car’s driver that he would beat his (behind) in front of his family.

The complainant was in his front yard moving sprinklers when the same motorcycle and rider rode slowly past his house, pointing and telling the man he was “gonna have to (mess) you up.”

March 2
Brush fire
Deputies responded to a Beebe Drive address for a brush fire. The homeowner reported a female relative had been burning a pile of trash and yard debris when the fire spread an estimated 100 yards and damaged approximately 10 vehicles.

March 2
Simple assault
The victim called about a domestic dispute, and deputies saw the suspect repeatedly call the complainant “a slut” in front of the couple’s two children. The victim wanted to leave with the two kids and while waiting on her to gather her and the children’s belongings, the suspect became irate and verbally abusive because the victim was going to use a car he said was his and that their child could not use it.