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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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Aug. 24
Domestic dispute
Simple battery
Deputies were sent to a Bloomingdale address where a man and his live-in girlfriend had gotten into an argument. The man was moving out but said he didn’t want to leave his girlfriend, who had lost her job and was battling an addiction problem. His girlfriend also has a 12-year-old daughter. But when the altercations started to be physical in nature, he said he did not see an alternative. He also said the girlfriend had thrown a water bottle at him. The girlfriend said the argument started after she found a social media message from his ex-girlfriend and that he had been calling her names all morning. She admitted to striking him with a water bottle because he would not stop talking. She also told deputies she wanted him to go away but also expressed discontent with him “abandoning” her and her daughter.

Aug. 22
Criminal trespass
A Guyton area woman told deputies she was cleaning one of her rental properties to get it ready to sell. When she got there, she found a cooked steak in the driveway and two more in the backyard. She also said the previous tenants had to be evicted and were not happy about it.

Aug. 22
Theft by taking
A Springfield man said he had last seen his 21-foot boat three days before and it had been taken from the driveway in front of his residence. The boat was insured.

Aug. 21
Deputies met up with a man who said he and a friend had gone to retrieve an iPod that had been stolen and when they confronted another subject about it, he hit both of them and two other men came from the house with baseball bats, breaking the window of their vehicle and hitting the man who claimed his iPod had been stolen.

Aug. 20
Manufacture, distribution or sale of controlled substance
A woman called deputies and informed them her granddaughter and her boyfriend were renting a trailer from her but had not paid any rent since June. When she went to the home, the front door was unlocked. Inside, she found what she believed were several marijuana plants growing in a bedroom closet. Deputies found the plants and also discovered a fluorescent grow light, water bottle and several smoking devices. The granddaughter provided a written statement that her boyfriend had planted the pot about two months before and was the only one attending to the plants. He was found at his place of work and arrested.

Aug. 20
Harassing phone calls
A Guyton area man told deputies his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend had been sending him threats about doing bodily harm to him. One of the text messages said the ex was moving back to Effingham soon and allegedly would make the threat happen. The complainant was worried that if approached he could get into trouble, since he is still on parole.