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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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Aug. 28
Deceptive business practice
While on his way on a call about a deceptive business, a deputy spoke with an ECSO investigator who had received several complaints about deceptive business practices. The responding deputy met the two men from the asphalt company, who said they had been hired to repair a Guyton area woman’s driveway. They had not been issued a canvassing permit, and she said she called the sheriff’s office to find out who they were. Both men were told not to conduct any more work in the county. The areas of the driveway appeared to be repaired with roofing tar and not asphalt.

Aug. 29
Criminal trespass
Deputies were called to a vacant rental house, where someone who had stopped to look at the house saw a side door and the glass in the back door had been broken. It appeared someone had entered the residence, but an inspection of the house did not reveal anything missing.

Aug. 29
Harassing phone calls
A woman told deputies her ex-husband had been harassing her. They have been divorced for three years, and she said she saw him drive by her old home and by her sister’s home. She said her ex-husband calls her at all times of day on her cell and at work, and he has even called from other numbers to conceal it was him calling her.

Aug. 29
Domestic dispute
Deputies responded to call on Interstate 16, and the responding deputy saw a man sitting on the off ramp about 100 yards from the incident location. He had blood on his overalls. He was asked if he was bleeding. He said, “No, but she is.” The deputy noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from him and asked the man if he had been drinking. He replied he had been drinking “a lot.”

He said the woman in the car woke him up by hitting him and he in turn punched her. When asked how many times he punched her, he answered “as many as it took.” The woman said they were on their way home and she thought she missed the exit, so she pulled over. She said she nudged his leg a few times to wake him up and find out if she had missed the exit. He began yelling and cussing at her and then punched her in the face, nose and on the side of her head. He also grabbed the car keys.

When the beating was over, she got out of the car and attempted to wave down a passing car for help. The man told deputies, “Do what you gotta do.” He was handcuffed and taken to jail.

Aug. 29
Traffic complaint/violation
A deputy was patrolling near Sand Hill Road when a car approached at high speed. Radar indicated the vehicle was going 77 mph and as the deputy turned around to make a traffic stop, the vehicle in question passed another car in a no-passing zone. The deputy, with his lights and siren on, pursued for nearly a mile before the vehicle stopped. The deputy also noticed a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from the car. The driver’s eyes were glassy and bloodshot and were dilated to the point where the deputy could not tell what color they were.

The driver also looked dazed and confused said there wasn’t anything illegal in the car the deputy should know about. When the driver was told the deputy could see and smell marijuana, the driver dropped his head and said, “Yes, I got a roach.” The driver then failed a series of field sobriety tests.