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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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Sept. 20
Driving with suspended license
An abandoned car was left in the ditch of the Clyo-Kildare Road eastbound lane, and it appeared to deputies the driver had lost control, with the vehicle leaving the road, spinning 180 degrees and coming back across the road to a stop. The driver’s father showed up as the tow truck was on its way and told deputies his son lost control. A friend of the son came to pick him up. A check of his driver’s license showed it had been suspended by South Carolina. The driver was told he was going to be cited for driving with a suspended license and failure to maintain lane.

Sept. 20
Obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers
Possession and use of drug-related objects
While patrolling Highway 17, a deputy saw a car slow down and apply brakes but the passenger side brake light did not come on. The deputy turned on his siren and lights, but the car, going around 50 mph, failed to pull over. About three-quarters of a mile down the road, the female driver put her arm out of the window and appeared to drop something. When the car finally pulled over, the driver said she was trying to go to her mother’s house. She said she had just met her male passenger and when the passenger side door opened, he was told to remain in the car. Instead, he ran from the vehicle.

The deputy chased him down and got him in custody. The female driver acted nervously and paced in small circles, leading the deputy to tell her that he believed she was hiding something. She said the only thing in her vehicle was a syringe belonging to her passenger. A check of the male passenger’s identity revealed he was wanted on a warrant by the Department of Pardons and Paroles. A further search uncovered two syringes in the glove box, within reach of the passenger. Another syringe was found between the driver’s seat and the center console.

The driver eventually admitted she and the passenger had been in a relationship and had a child together. She said she lied about his real name because she was scared and knew he had parole issues.

Sept. 19
Theft by shoplifting - misdemeanor
A Bloomingdale convenience store clerk said a couple entered the store and went into the beer cooler. They were told the store does not sell alcohol after 11 p.m. but the male suspect looked at the female suspect and said, “I’m gonna take them.” He dropped a 12-pack of beer on the floor, causing it to burst open, and fled from the store with two 15-packs.

Sept. 19
Domestic dispute
Deputies were called out as a woman said her husband and son were involved in an argument. As a deputy got near the house, he could hear the husband and son arguing, with another son in between them. The husband was escorted outside the house, and the son said the older man was disrespecting his mother by not having cable in his bedroom. The husband told the son not to talk to his mother that way. The son said he would stay that evening with his grandmother.

Sept. 19
Removal of unwanted person
Warrant service
Deputies responded to a Faulkville convenience store and asked the suspect why he was bothering the clerk. He said he was just trying to get to Statesboro on foot. A check of his identity showed he was wanted by McIntosh County, and he was arrested and taken to jail.

Sept. 18
Possession of sawed-off shotgun
A Rincon man said someone who inquired about purchasing a motorcycle that may have been stolen also asked if the complainant was interested in buying a sawed-off shotgun. He said no but later realized the other man may have left the weapon in his shed. He didn’t think much of it until he realized a trailer he was attempting to purchase also may be stolen. He called authorities, who took the weapon and turned it over to the crime scene unit for evidence and testing.

Sept. 18
Burglary - second degree (felony)
A Springfield woman said she noticed the inside of her vehicle was in disarray, though nothing was missing aside from some loose change.

Sept. 18
Civil matter
A man came to the ECSO lobby and told deputies that his estranged wife, who has a set of keys to his truck, came to where he was staying and took it without telling him. He told deputies she said it was in a safe place and he was not going to get it back. The complainant was referred to the magistrate court.

Sept. 18
Miscellaneous complaint
Deputies were dispatched to a Rincon area home on a call about possible property damage. The woman making the complaint pointed out a possible impact point on the garage door’s left side, with a half-inch circle of white paint missing from the metal. She was unsure when or how it happened, and she appeared to be more concerned with her neighbors seeing her speak with deputies than making an actual complaint. She requested a report be filed and for extra patrols in the area, but she was intentionally vague and could not or would not describe any specific issues or problems.

Sept. 18
Miscellaneous complaint
Deputies responded to a possible domestic dispute, but the caller seemed confused and moving away from an unspecified residence as if she was unsure where she was. A deputy spotted her walking on the road. She was barefoot, carrying a purse with several prescription medications and a termite-infested piece of wood. She rambled while making random complaints about her boyfriend but displayed no obvious injuries, nor did she ask for EMS.  She repeatedly described the couple going into Savannah the night before to hire a prostitute, and her boyfriend had been arrested for obstruction because he provided a false name. She borrowed money from family and friends to bond him out of jail, and added they had been staying with his nephew after they had been evicted from a Pembroke residence. The nephew then arrived and said he was on parole. He said the couple had been arguing all day over unusually random issues. His uncle had a paralyzed arm from an accident, and he feared the woman might harm him. The woman and her boyfriend’s nephew agreed she should leave the trailer. She also said Chatham County had provided her with victim witness documentation.

Sept. 17
Theft by taking - misdemeanor
A couple said they had been expecting packages to be delivered to their home north of Springfield and when they got home, they did not see the packages on their front porch. Through online tracking numbers, they discovered the packages had been delivered.