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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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March 2
Illegal dumping
A Heidt Road resident came to the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office to complain about someone dumping trash on his property. The resident said someone had dumped several pickup-sized loads of trash and debris on his land over the last week. He also said his neighbors gave him a description of the truck and the driver.

The complainant also said he found in the trash a pharmacy purchase receipt with a name and a date of birth, along with a bank statement and other documents with the same name. A deputy went to the address found on bank statement and other papers. The woman at the address said the name on the statement was that of her son’s, but he had recently married and moved to Jesup, though she would try to get in touch with him.

The suspect called the ECSO and said he did not dump the trash. He was advised that some of the trash belonged to him and he was liable for it. The suspect said he did not have a problem cleaning it up. The complainant was advised that if the suspect did not return to clean up the debris he could call the magistrate court.

March 6
A Rincon man told deputies he received a counterfeit $100 bill from one of his mobile home renters but did not know which of his tenants gave him the suspicious currency. The suspect bill was placed in a sealed envelope in the evidence locker.

March 7
Criminal trespass
A Rincon resident said someone was mudbogging on his property off Hodgeville Road. He leases a residence at that location, and his tenant said his cousin went driving around the property and got stuck in the field. He asked for someone to help pull the truck out and he too got stuck. In all, three trucks were stuck in the field and the landowner said they did not have permission to be there. The tenant said the property owner had told him he could drive around the property anytime he wanted.

March 8
Terroristic threats
A Guyton resident told deputies that a man threatened to burn her house down and beat her up, and that he was not going to allow her to live at her residence because he did not like her. Upon deputies’ arrival, the victim said the suspect had fled into the woods. The warrant process was explained to the victim.

March 8
Fleeing or attempting to elude
Driving while license suspended or revoked
A deputy was dispatched to Stagefield Road in reference to a subject riding an all-terrain vehicle on the road. The deputy saw someone on a green dirt bike at the intersection of Sand Hill Road and Shady Oaks Lane. The deputy turned on his lights to signal the rider to stop. The subject turned the motorcycle around and sped away at a high rate of speed. The deputy hit his siren and saw the rider look back at him before he drove around the corner at the back of Shady Oaks Lane.

The deputy went back toward the last spot he saw the rider and followed a set of tire tracks back to a house. He was met by the bike rider, who was with a woman he identified as his wife. The deputy asked him why he did not stop, and the subject replied he never saw the deputy. He also said he wasn’t wearing a helmet and drove the bike home and parked it, and then decided to come see what the deputy wanted.

The deputy told the subject that when blue lights and the siren are activated he is to stop and yield. The subject was advised to turn around and place his hands behind his back. The man and his wife began to argue with the deputy and refused to comply with the deputy’s commands. The man was advised several times that the deputy would taser him if he didn’t comply. He finally relented and was placed in handcuffs.