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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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June 28


Possession of an open alcohol container

Following too closely

Deputies responded to a call on a possible drunk driver. The caller said they were behind a car that was weaving from side to side. It eventually turned onto three different roads and later approached the caller’s car at a high rate of speed. The suspect car was close to the caller’s vehicle bumper, and the deputy turned on his blue lights. The suspect car came to a stop in the middle of the road.

After approaching the driver, the deputy detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the car. When asked what she was doing, the driver said, “that car.” When asked what that meant, she said, “I was following that car.” She said she was coming from a friend’s house in Clyo and said she had had a few drinks.

She pulled out a debit card and handed it to the deputy. When he did not accept the card and handed it back to her, she started laughing and said, “I’m drunk!”

The driver was unsteady on her feet, her eyes were glassy and bloodshot and her speech was slurred. She agreed to take a breathalyzer test, which came back positive for alcohol. Deputies found a 40-ounce beer bottle on the passenger floorboard, about half full and still cold to the touch.

Breath tests at the jail showed her blood alcohol content to be .218 and .207.


June 28

Domestic dispute

A woman told deputies she and her husband had been to a local bar and had a few drinks. While at the bar, she got a call from one of her husband’s friends, who wanted to get in touch with him so her husband could bring him some beer. Her husband turned irate while on the phone and started to walk out of the bar, throwing his glass to the floor and breaking it. He came back into the bar and said they were going to bring beer to his friend.

When they got there, she said her husband began using profane language toward her, told her she was not getting anything and if that she showed up at their house, he would kill her. He walked out, taking her license, credit card and Social Security card. The woman was informed on how to get a temporary protective order and also given paperwork about Safe Haven and Victim Witness.


June 28

Violation of conditions on a limited driving permit

Following an accident, a driver told deputies he was trying to avoid hitting an object in the road when he went off the road. He said he was coming from a friend’s house and was going home. A check of his license showed it was suspended with a limited permit. The driver then changed his story, stating he was coming from a friend’s house where he was doing some plumbing work. But he could not provide the name or address of where he was. A witness told deputies he saw the car go off the road and when he went to check on the driver, he told the witness several times not to call the cops.


June 28

Obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers

Possession of marijuana

Disorderly conduct

Deputies responded to a Bloomingdale home where a woman said her son was out of control and kicked open her bedroom door. She said her son, who had been having some issues lately, was saying he had the devil inside him and that his mother was going to die.

A deputy went to speak with the son, who appeared to be very disoriented. He was sweating and talking at a fast pace. He told the deputy his mother was crazy and he did not do anything wrong. He first said he kicked in his mother’s door because he thought she was going to kill herself and then said he did not kick in the door and the door frame had been like that for several days. When asked to show the deputy the door frame, the subject became very defensive.

He told deputies he needed to go inside to secure something, and the deputy said he would follow him inside. The complainant had told deputies there was a weapon in the house. The son continued to tell the deputy he was not allowed inside, and the mother assented to deputies’ inspection of the damage to the door. The son told the deputy the officer was not allowed inside, and another deputy then detained the son.

Officers smelled a strong odor of marijuana in the house. They saw a glass container of a green, leafy substance in the living room, and the mother said it belonged to her son, who had a drug problem. As they went back outside to speak to the son, he became disorderly and yelled at them for going inside his house. Despite being asked to lower his voice, he continued to yell and curse at deputies. As he was taken to the patrol car, he continued to yell and curse and said he was not going to jail because he did not do anything wrong.

As the deputy closed the door, the subject said, “(Racial pejorative), that’s my weed, and I will have your job.” The mother was asked to fill out a statement and as a deputy made sure the son was secure in the back seat, he continued to yell at deputies, telling them they were going to burn in hell and he will have their “(expletive) jobs.” He also used defamatory language toward another deputy.

During the ride to the jail, he continued to scream and use offensive language toward the deputy. He also banged his head against the protective glass and also licked it. Upon reaching the jail, the subject refused to get out of the vehicle. He was informed of his charges and replied “(Expletive) you, (expletive), this ain’t going anywhere (racial pejorative).”

The mother was advised of legal and mental health procedures she could follow with her son.


June 26

Civil matter

Wanted person-warrant service

Deputies came to an Eden residence on the report of a fight involving a firearm. Deputies were told there was one man inside a vehicle with a gun and two men outside the vehicle in an altercation. A deputy saw a man carrying a rifle and walking from behind the residence. The deputy drew his weapon and told the man to drop the rifle and get on his knees. The man complied and told the deputy two other men had his daughter inside the house “smoked up” and weren’t allowing her to leave. One of the said the female was there on her own accord and could come and go as she pleased but she didn’t want to leave with the man who had the rifle. The female said the man was her mother’s ex-boyfriend and was not her biological father, though she viewed him as a father figure. She said he also asked for pictures of her in a bathing suit and was acting more like a jealous boyfriend than a father.

A GCIC check revealed the father figure had outstanding warrants in Effingham and Bibb counties and was arrested.


June 26

Theft by deception-felony

A Rincon man told deputies he sold an item on eBay but did not receive payment. He listed his month-old smartphone for sale with a “buy it now” listing. An online buyer bought the phone and after several emails were exchanged, told the complainant the money should be in his PayPal account, and he noticed the money was there. After sending the package, he tried to access his funds but they were gone. He contacted eBay and PayPal of the situation, and both firms turned the matter over to their investigations departments. The PayPal account the buyer set up to transfer the money was under a bogus name.


June 26

Harassing phone calls

Deputies were called to a home where a man said he and his son had been receiving threatening text messages. The son sold a vehicle to another man and told the buyer the vehicle was stuck in four-wheel drive. He asked the buyer if he wanted to bring a trailer to pick the vehicle up later, but he wanted to get it and drive it away.

A couple of days later, the son got a call from the vehicle’s buyer, telling him it had broken down on I-95. The son advised the other man to get the vehicle checked and let him know, since he had not had any problems with it previously. The buyer called back and said the engine block was cracked. The son said he told the other man not to drive it home, since it was stuck in four-wheel drive, and that the vehicle was running when he drove it off.

The complainant said he and his son got text messages that read “You’ll see me soon,” and they felt threatened by those texts. Deputies reached the man who bought the vehicle, who was calm but dejected about the vehicle. He said he would never do anything irrational and was told not to contact the family that sold him the vehicle again. He said he would not be looking into further action against the family.


June 25

Theft by taking

A woman told deputies that while she was in the hospital, someone had taken items from her home. There were no signs of visible entry, but she said she had a pane on the back door window, and before that, it was easy to unlock the back door. Before going into the hospital, she gave a key to her mother and her sister. When she got home and discovered items were missing, she said she called her sister to ask her if she had removed anything, and her sister became angry at the accusation. She did not wish to press charges and asked the deputy not to contact her sister about the incident. She said she wanted to get the incident on record in case it happened again.


June 24

Dogs, cats or livestock running at large

A woman said a dog came into her yard and killed a show chicken, valued at $20. She said the dog belongs to neighbors. Several of her chickens have been killed and she attempted to talk to the dog’s owners, but “they slammed the door in my face."