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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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July 26
Criminal trespass
Disorderly conduct
Public drunkenness
Deputies went to a Rincon area home, where a woman waved them down from her driveway. They saw a man and a woman trying to escort a very intoxicated person from the property. The man was so drunk he could not stand on his feet, could barely talk and slurred his words to the point deputies could not understand what he was saying.
A deputy started to help the drunken man to the patrol car, where he could take a seat and not hurt himself. But the man started to curse at the deputy and tried to pull away. The deputy placed him in handcuffs. When he asked the man what happened, the drunken subject began using racial slurs and cursing.
The man who had been helping the intoxicated subject told the deputy they had been drinking at a Rincon establishment earlier that night. Once they got to his house, the other man became very disorderly and tried to fight everyone else in the house. The subject began hitting the other man’s dogs and tearing up furniture. The subject tried to punch the homeowner, who tried to defend himself by hitting the assailant in the face.
The couple said they did not want to press charges and that they only wanted the subject, now sleeping in the back of the patrol car, off their property. The subject was unresponsive and EMS was called to check on him. EMS called the deputy later to tell him the subject was being taken to Memorial by a helicopter since his left pupil was blown and dilated from the blow he received.

July 26
Medical call
A woman said her son shot himself accidentally in his foot. She said he thought the safety was off when he picked up the gun. The son said he was in pain, and deputies found a rifle, a hole in the deck and blood from his foot. EMS arrived him and took the wounded son to Memorial Health University Center.

July 25
Damaged property
A Guyton woman said there was front end damage to her car and she did not know how it happened.

July 25
Civil matter
Deputies went to a Guyton home, where a woman said her neighbor was cutting down trees and one fell on the back of her house. The neighbors said they felled the tree, which a gust of wind caught and dropped on the woman’s shed. They agreed to fix any damages caused by the tree.

July 25
Burglary-second degree
A Guyton man said he returned home after being away for nearly two weeks to attend to family matters and discovered several items missing from his shed. He told deputies he was missing two chain saws, a pole saw, a shop-vac, weed eater and gas can, among other implements.

July 25
Criminal trespass
Deputies responded to a Guyton area home, where a woman said she had been sleeping when she heard a knock on the door. She said she heard her ex-boyfriend ask her to come to the door. She said she told him to go home and then she heard him kick in the door. An argument ensued and once she told him she was calling police, he left.
Deputies called the suspect, who told the complainant asked him to come over and he did not kick in the door. He added the complainant was always trying to get him into trouble. He declined to return to the scene to meet with deputies.
The complainant said she was going to court to get warrants on her ex. Later that day, dispatch told the deputy to call the complainant. The woman said her mother died recently and she was preparing to move out of state. She said she wanted to be honest and said she did have some part in what happened earlier. She said she spoke with her ex after deputies left. Her door frame was fixed, and he also gave her some money. She said she did not want to press charges.

July 25
Road hazard
A disabled tractor-trailer blocked traffic on Highway 80 westbound. Deputies met with the driver, who was walking back from a nearby gas station. He said he ran out of gas and when he got back in the cab, the rig did not crank up.

July 25
Animal complaint
A Rincon man said a pit bull attacked his poodle and when he attempted to pull the attacking dog of his pet, the pit bull bit him on the right index finger. A neighbor put the pit bull in a headlock and started punching the dog in its head. The pit bull eventually let go of the poodle. The neighbor said a female friend who owns the dog came over and while they were talking, the pit bull left the yard and they heard the commotion. The neighbor apologized to the complainant and said he tried to call the dog’s owner several times without success.

July 24
Suspicious vehicle
A Guyton man said he was taking his dog back inside his house around 11:15 p.m. when he a car with blacked-out headlights sitting in his driveway. The car left and headed toward Highway 17 and stopped. The complainant said he drove and made contact with the suspect car’s occupants, who said they were from Springfield and where there to meet someone known by law enforcement to be involved in drug-related activity. He said he followed them to a convenience store before going back home.
When he got back, he saw a pickup at the end of the road. He pulled up and tried to question the driver, and the truck sped off, going through yards to leave the complainant. He got back to his house and saw the first car again. He and a neighbor then pulled in front of that car.
Deputies searched the car and found alcoholic beverages and open containers confiscated from the trunk, since the driver and the passenger were both under 21. They asked what they were doing in that driveway after it was determined they did not live there nor did they know anyone who did. They said they were trying to pick up a wi-fi signal on their phones.

July 24
Identity fraud
Computer invasion of privacy
A North Carolina man called deputies after he received a letter from his health insurance company that said his ex-wife logged onto its Web site and used his personal information to open a fraudulent account. He said his ex-wife viewed his current wife’s personal information and that of his stepdaughter.

July 24
Animal complaint
Deputies were called to an aggressive dog complaint, where a man said he and his grandson were in his yard when a pit bull charged them before the dog’s owner called the dog back. The dog’s owner said his pit bull was friendly and calm with everyone else, including the chickens that lived in the backyard and neighborhood ducks. He said it was the complainant that his dog did not seem to like. He was advised to keep his dog on his property.

July 24
Harassing communication
A woman said her ex-boyfriend had posted a nude photo of her on a social media site and changed her password, so she could not delete it. She contacted the site but its administrators had not done anything yet. Since her ex lived in another county, she was advised to make a report with law enforcement there and speak with that county’s magistrate court.

July 25
Theft by taking-felony
Wanted person-warrant service
A Bloomingdale woman said an acquaintance had moved in but when she left that day, she took several items that did not belong to her. The complainant’s son said he saw the woman taking makeup items from the bathroom. When he asked what she was doing, she raised her hand as if she were going to hit him.
A deputy asked dispatch to record the complainant’s name and date of birth, and he was informed the complainant was wanted on a Rincon warrant. She was handcuffed and taken to Effingham County Jail.

July 23
Animal complaint
Responding to a call about a possible abandoned animal, a deputy met up with the complainant, who said she saw a black dog in the neighborhood and worried it might get hit. She said the dog was not aggressive and had not bitten anyone. When asked if she knew to whom the dog belonged, she said, “If I knew that, I wouldn’t have called you.”
The deputy could not get the dog to approach, and humane enforcement was called.

July 23
Agency assist
On his way to an off-duty assignment, a deputy saw pickup leave a Garden City bar’s parking lot. The deputy was in the left lane and saw that the pickup driver was going to enter his lane without yielding and changed to the right lane to avoid a collision. The deputy was going between 50-55 mph on Highway 307 and the pickup driver accelerated as if to avoid allowing the deputy to go around him.
The deputy slowed to stay away from the vehicle, as the driver was drifting from lane to lane. They stopped at the red light at the Interstate 16 intersection and the pickup driver accelerated rapidly through the red light. The deputy alerted Garden City dispatch.
The pickup driver weaved wildly over Highway 307, and Garden City asked the deputy to perform a traffic stop until one of their officers could arrive. The deputy told the driver he was being pulled over for reckless driving, and the driver became argumentative and started looking for his license. He removed debit cards, business cards, checks and other documents, including a receipt for drinks at the bar the deputy saw him leaving.
The man appeared to be highly intoxicated. His speech was slurred and mumbled to the point the deputy could not understand him, his eyes were glassy and bloodshot, his movements were slow and clumsy, he appeared to have trouble focusing and there was a strong odor of alcohol every time he spoke.
The deputy turned the scene over to two Garden City officers who responded.

July 21
Theft by shoplifting-misdemeanor
A Rincon convenience store manager told deputies a man took two cases of beer and walked out without paying for them. Another employee followed the man outside and confronted him. She asked the suspect if he was going to pay for the beer, and he responded that he did not know to what she was referring. The employee got the suspect’s license plate number, and a deputy went to the address connected with the tag but did not make contact with the suspect. However, the deputy went on social media to find the suspect, and the employee identified the suspect through a profile picture. A warrant was issued for his arrest.