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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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March 13
A Clyo-Kildare Road man told deputies it appeared someone broke into his room through the master bedroom window and stole several items. The homeowner said he entered his home but did not touch anything and upon noticing he may have been burglarized, he left his house and called authorities.

March 14
Animal complaint
A Log Landing Road woman said someone poisoned her dog. She told deputies that she noticed white plates in her back yard. When she let her dog inside, she noticed it was not acting normally. It began convulsing and then died. The dog’s gums were a different color, and it also was foaming at the mouth. She went outside and looked at the plates and noticed a liquid that might be antifreeze.

March 14
Possession of a controlled substance
Theft by receiving stolen property
A deputy spotted a car with a severely cracked windshield on Sand Hill Road. When finally stopped, the driver appeared to be extremely nervous and was fumbling around in the center console area. The front seat passenger also appeared nervous and eventually pulled from her bra a small, clear, plastic bag that she said contained meth. A search of her purse revealed five other such bags, a digital scale and a glass smoking device. The passenger also said the driver threw a similar bag at her before getting pulled over and it fell between her seat and the car door.

The vehicle also was reported stolen in Port Wentworth, but its owner was in the Chatham County Jail.

March 15
Theft by receiving stolen property
Driving while license withdrawn
The Screven County Sheriff’s Office advised a pickup had been stolen from Screven County, and it was pulled over on Highway 21. The deputy saw the driver, with the passenger door open, drinking a 16-ounce beer, and the driver said he had “messed up.” He said he was drunk and took his father’s truck and also said his license was suspended because of a prior DUI. He had stolen the truck because he wanted to go to his aunt’s house and then to his girlfriend’s house. He said he pulled over because he knew the deputies were looking for him and he was too drunk to drive.

When asked how many beers he had had, the driver said, “too many,” and eventually said he had had 10 or 11. He agreed to take a field sobriety test but was adamant that deputies take him to jail because he was drunk.