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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports April 6
Effingham crime


· George Zipperer, Pecan Lane – disorderly conduct and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers

· Regina Eason, McCall Road – unlawful conduct during 911 call

· James Hodges, Oconee Avenue – domestic dispute and wanted person (warrant service)

· Aaron Thornton, Saddle Lane – criminal trespass

· Linda Dugger, Blue Jay Road – aggravated assault and exploitation and intimidation of disabled adults

· William Morris, Old Louisville Road – disorderly conduct and possession and use of drug related objects

· Terry Pinkney, Progress Drive – wanted person (warrant service)

· Tanner Defilippo, Timberlake Drive – possession of marijuana (citation)

· Josiah Williams, Highway 21 – possession of marijuana less than one ounce and child safety restraint violation (both citations)

· Walter Cribbs, Old River Road – possession of a schedule II controlled substance

· Xocol Zavala, Burke Drive – driving while unlicensed and improper backing


· McClelan Place – A woman stated that her boyfriend broke her daughter’s bedroom door during an argument.

· Oak Drive – A woman advised that she and her child’s father got into a dispute over a missing gun.

· Fair Street – A man stated that an unknown individual stole his trailer from his driveway on his property.

· Quail Run Circle – A woman advised that an unknown person stole her handgun from her vehicle.

· Auriga Boulevard – A man stated that his cousin stole his guitar from his grandfather’s place of residence.

· Highway 119 North – A vehicle was spotted fleeing from police officers at a very high rate of speed.

· Honey Ridge Road – A man stated that he needed assistance retrieving his mail and tools from his former home.

· Scholar Road – A man stated that his stepson gave him a concussion during a fight over the stepson’s drug use.

· Shearouse Road – A woman stated that someone broke the left window of her vehicle for unknown reasons.

· Key Road – A woman stated that an acquaintance had been texting her despite having a restraining order against him.

· Lambert Road – A woman stated that an acquaintance gave away her puppy without her permission.

· Harley Road – A church director stated that an unknown person had broken into the church’s buses.

· Midland Pines Road – A man stated that a neighborhood dog had been acting aggressively towards him.

· Wright Drive – A woman stated that her son had threatened her and himself while under the influence of drugs.

· English Oak Drive – A woman stated that she had been scammed out of over $300 during an online purchase.

· Riverbranch Road – A man stated that he had unknowingly bought a stolen vehicle via social media.

· Blue Jay Road – A man stated that he and his wife had gotten into a physical altercation over a television remote.

· Jerrell Woods Road – A woman stated that she and her husband had gotten into a fight over him throwing clothes in the bedroom.

· South Point Drive – A woman stated that her cat had been killed by her neighbor’s dog that had entered her yard.

· Tobago Circle – A contractor stated that a stove and a dishwasher had been stolen from a home under construction.

· Reynard Drive – A woman stated that her former tenant who had been evicted had stolen three of her dogs.

· Benicia Lane – A man stated that his ex-girlfriend had disabled a camera in his place of residence.

· Stingray Court – A woman stated that an unknown individual had made fraudulent charges on her bank account.