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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports July 4

June 18

Pedestrian Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs; Damage to Property

A driver advised that two men walking along the side of the road threw rocks at his vehicle as he drove past. It was noted that both men smelled strongly of burnt marijuana, and they later admitted to being under the influence, but they denied throwing the rocks. They later produced a smoking pipe and a grinder that they had in their possession. They were arrested a short time later. The reporting officer was Max Barber.

Driving while License Suspended or Revoked (Misdemeanor)

A man was seen traveling at a very high rate of speed and making an improper turn. A background check later revealed that his license was suspended and that the truck had no valid insurance. He was swiftly placed under arrest. The reporting officer was James Wilkinson.

Terroristic Threats and/or Acts; Possession of Firearm or Knife During Commission of Crime

A man stated that an acquaintance had sold his girlfriend pain killers after she had become sober. The man proceeded to threaten the acquaintance and attempt to make contact with him. The acquaintance denied selling the pills or even knowing who the man was, and he also claimed that the man had threatened to kill him. The man was later detained, and his gun was secured. The acquaintance’s neighbor later came forward and confirmed that the man had threatened to kill him. The man was swiftly arrested, and his motorcycle was towed by a local wrecker service. The reporting officer was Justin Hynko.

Unlawful Conduct During 911 Call/Contacts 911 for Unreasonable Purposes; Obstructing or Hindering Law Enforcement Officers

A woman stated that she wanted to kick her daughter out of the house. The daughter claimed, however, that it was simply because she would not take the woman to the store to buy beer. After a brief struggle, the woman was placed under arrest. The reporting officer was William West.

June 20

Criminal Trespass

A man stated that someone had damaged a fence at the place that he worked. It was noted that the entire top part of the cyclone fence had been torn off. The man said that the damage amounted to over $100 and that he suspected some juvenile children of causing the damage, though he could not prove this. The children could not be contacted at the time. The reporting officer was Matthew Davis.

Domestic Dispute

A woman stated that she had been attempting to kick her daughter-in-law out of her residence for not following house rules. The daughter-in-law proceeded to yell at the woman and push her, and the woman responded by slapping the daughter-in-law twice. The daughter-in-law confirmed this series of events and agreed to leave the residence. The reporting officer was Christopher Cary.

June 21

Aggravated Assault

An unknown informant stated that a woman had shot at a man during an argument. The man claimed that everything was fine and that nothing had taken place, but because of his suspicious actions, he was detained until the scene could be secured. A bullet hole was located in the bedroom door, and a spent casing and pistol were also found. The woman later said that she walked in on the man having sex with another female, so she locked him in the bedroom. When he tried to escape, she grabbed a gun which accidently went off when she hit it against the door. Ultimately, both the man and the woman were placed under arrest for various charges. The reporting officer was Garett Buckles.

Domestic Dispute

A couple advised that while they were arguing on the side of the road over their marriage, their car slid into a ditch. They noted that neither party had become physical. Both parties agreed to separate for the time being and a passerby later pulled the vehicle out of the ditch. The reporting officer was Matthew Davis.

June 22

Hit and Run-Duty of Driver to Stop at or Return to Scene of Accident; Failure to Report Accident with Injury/Damage; Failure to Maintain Lane; Driving Without License; Texting while Driving

A man stated that he observed a driver, who was on his phone, sideswipe a semitruck and not stop. The driver was located whereupon he admitted to hitting the semitruck. He claimed, however, the he pulled into a gas station to speak with the semitruck’s driver, but the driver did not stop. It was noted that the passenger side of the car had a significant amount of damage. The driver was placed under arrest, and the vehicle was turned over to its owner. The reporting officer was William West.

Traffic Complaint/Violation

A man was seen driving down the road with a suspended license and in a vehicle that had no insurance or registration. After being arrested, it was discovered that he had two forms of illegal drugs and a smoking device in his possession. His vehicle was later towed by a local wrecker service. The reporting officer was David Cribbs.

Driving while License Suspended or Revoked (Felony); Knowingly Driving Motor Vehicle on Suspended, Canceled or Revoked License

A man was spotted driving down the road in a vehicle with suspended registration. He admitted that his license was suspended, and he was swiftly arrested. His mother picked up his vehicle from the scene. The reporting officer was Robert Elliott Petitt.

June 23

Possession of Marijuana Less than One Ounce; DUI-Driving Under the Influence of Drugs; Driving while License Suspended or Revoked (Misdemeanor)

A man was spotted sitting suspiciously in an idling car. After failing a field sobriety test, he was arrested. A later search of his vehicle revealed that he had marijuana in his possession. The reporting officer was Isaac Taylor.

June 24


A man advised that he was hanging out with some friends when he and his neighbor got into a fight. It started with the neighbor making threats toward the others, and when the man tried to calm him down, the neighbor proceeded to hit the man which caused the man to fall and scrape to side of his face on a picnic table. All parties ultimately decided that the situation could be handled amongst themselves. The reporting officer was John Etzle.

Simple Battery Against Police Officer/Law Enforcement Dog/Corrections Officer

A man stated that a woman approached him who claimed that she was being held against her will before getting into a truck with two unknown males. The owner of the truck claimed that he did not know the woman or her situation. The truck owner’s nephew, however, said that he did know the woman and that she had not been kidnapped. He added that the woman had some mental problems and that she had been formerly associated with a gang. The woman proved to be uncooperative, and when she spit on an officer, she was swiftly arrested. The reporting officer was Matt Smith.

June 25


A man stated that an acquaintance pulled up in front of his house and started blowing the horn. The acquaintance wanted to know the whereabouts of a woman who lived in the residence with the man. The woman had previously served the acquaintance a criminal trespass notice for unknown reasons. The acquaintance left the scene before police could speak with him. The reporting officer was John Etzle.