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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports March 21 edition
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March 5

Criminal Trespass

A man advised that his acquaintance had fired a rifle at him for no reason. The man was at the acquaintance’s house because he was in the process of purchasing it. The acquaintance noted that he asked the man to leave several times beforehand and that he did not point the rifle at him. The man was advised not to return to the residence. The reporting officer was John Preston Morris.

March 6

Theft by Conversion-Felony

A man stated that a customer of his vehicle rental service had not returned a rented vehicle on the agreed date. He provided police with copies of the receipt which had information regarding the transaction. The customer was unavailable at the time. The reporting officer was Malcom Foy.

Loitering or Prowling

A vehicle and a small fire were seen on the shoulder of a roadway next to a small creek. An unseen man stated that he was simply fishing before taking off into the woods with another individual. They managed to escape before police could apprehend them. The fish that had been caught were released into the creek, and the fire was put out. The vehicle was towed by a local wrecker service. The reporting officer was James Daniel McKie.

March 7

Animal Complaint

A woman advised that her neighbor had shot her dog. She acknowledged that the dog could be aggressive and showed it to police. It had a small flesh wound that looked to be treatable. The neighbor later claimed that she only shot the dog because it was attacking her chicken and chasing her. The reporting officer was Brandon Roberts.

Simple Assault-Family Violence

A woman stated that her son and her husband were having a verbal argument because the husband was drunk, and he wanted to drive his vehicle. At some point during the argument, the husband chased the son with a shovel and threatened to beat him. The son confirmed this series of events. The husband claimed, however, that the son started the fight and that he only got the shovel because his son had a gun. The husband was swiftly arrested, and he proceeded to make derogatory comments to police as he was being transported to jail. The reporting officer was Karyn Witherington.

Theft by Taking-Misdemeanor ($500 or Less)

A woman stated that she suspected her friend of stealing over $450 out of her purse while she was at her house. The woman’s purse was in her vehicle, and she suspected that her friend had used a spare key to gain access to it. She noted that the friend had been known to steal things in the past, but she had no evidence to suggest that the friend had stolen the money. The reporting officer was John Reinhart.

Criminal Trespass

A man was found to be passed out near an abandoned house. After he was cleared by emergency medical services, he admitted to being a drug user and stated that there was a needle in his pocket which was later confiscated. He also said that he was staying at the abandoned house and that he was sleeping in the sun to get warm when he was found. He was placed under arrest a short time later. The reporting officer was Justin Hynko.

DUI Refusal

An unknown informant advised that an intoxicated driver was attempting to leave the scene of an accident. It was noted that he had dried vomit on his face and appeared to be drunk. He refused to take a blood test and was placed under arrest. The reporting officer was William West.

March 8

Burglary-First Degree (Felony); Theft by Taking- Misdemeanor ($500 or Less)

A man stated that a building that he owned had been broken into. A cut lock was found near the front door. He said that a large safe had been removed from the building. He was unsure of who could have committed the theft. The reporting officer was Kristopher Withem.

Dangerous Dog

A woman stated that she wanted to take a dog that had been deemed dangerous into the county which she was ultimately allowed to do. The next day, the dog’s kennel was secured and the woman was warned about all possible actions should the dog cause a disturbance. The reporting officer was Tommy Williams.

Domestic Dispute

A woman stated that her daughter told the woman’s son to get rid of his dog. He responded by threatening to dump dirt on the daughter’s car. After getting into a backhoe and scooping up some dirt, he accidently dropped some of the dirt onto the woman. As the woman was attempting to drive away from the scene, she ended up accidently running over her son. When she returned, he was driving away in his truck. He proceeded to drive to the nearest hospital where police were waiting. He confirmed his mother’s story and was later air lifted to the nearest trauma center. The reporting officer was David Cribbs.

Traffic Complaint/Violation

A man was seen driving down the road with one of his headlights out. It was noted that his vehicle smelled strongly of fresh marijuana, but he denied having any in his possession. However, as he was being searched, it was discovered that he was hiding two small bags of marijuana in his buttocks. The man was issued two citations and released from the scene. The marijuana was sent to the sheriff’s office for testing. The reporting officer was David Cribbs.

DUI-Driving Under the Influence of Drugs; Failure to Maintain Lane; Possession of Methamphetamine; Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance

A man was spotted driving down the road in an erratic manner. He appeared to be very relaxed, and it was noted that there were three strange blue pills and a small bag in his seat. He admitted that the bag contained methamphetamine, and he agreed to take a field sobriety test. He failed the test and was swiftly arrested. The reporting officer was Daniel Handshumaker.

Domestic Dispute

A woman stated that her boyfriend attacked her for no apparent reason. The boyfriend countered this by saying that the woman started to punch him in the face while he was asleep. It was noted that he had several marks on his face that were consistent with being punched. However, it was also noted that the woman had a busted lip and a bruise on her cheek. Both parties appeared to be under the influence of alcoholic beverages. The woman agreed to spend the night at a friend’s house. The reporting officer was Max Barber.

March 10

Dogs, Cats or Livestock Running at Large Prohibited

A woman stated that her puppy had been shot in the neck by her neighbor. The neighbor claimed that the puppy was attacking her cat. She was unaware that she had hit the puppy and she agreed to pay for its medical expenses. The reporting officer was Malcom Foy.

Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (Misdemeanor); No Tag

A man was spotted driving down the road and pulling a trailer with expired registration. He admitted that he did not have a driver’s license, and a background check revealed that it was suspended due to failure to pay child support. He contacted a friend to collect the vehicle before being placed under arrest. The reporting officer was Kathy Dillard.

March 11

Entering Automobile or Other Motor Vehicle with Intent to Commit a Crime

A man advised that several items had been stolen from his work van. He noted that one of the van’s doors was unlocked at the time of the theft. The stolen items included a bottle of whisky, some tools and a pocket knife. He was unsure of who could have committed the theft. The reporting officer was Malcom Foy.