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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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Feb. 18

Criminal trespass
A Greene Drive resident said he was asleep in his living room when he heard someone at the door. When he opened the door, an unidentified man demanded to know where Brandon was. The suspect was told no such person by the name lives at that house. The suspect tried to push his way past the complainant before the homeowner slammed the door and locked it. The suspect then began beating on the front window before going back to his car, thought to be a green four-door. A vehicle of that description was not found in a search of the area.

A Guyton area resident called to complain about a possible reckless driver. The reported offense occurred at 6:15 a.m. when a late model pickup pulled out of a driveway and the two vehicles came to a stop at Highway 30. The pickup driver got out and approached the complainant’s vehicle, profanely accusing the complainant and telling him he needed to quit flying down the road and that the complainant almost struck him one day while he was waiting on the shoulder of the road for a ride to work.
The complainant said he tried to de-escalate the situation but the accuser became more irate trying to get him out of the vehicle. The complainant put his vehicle in reverse and pulled away as the other man yelled he knew where he lived and he would take care of it this afternoon. The complainant did not wish to press charges but wanted documentation in case the other man did show up at his home.

Possession of marijuana
Reckless conduct
Deputies and a Department of Corrections officer were sent to a Clyo residence to serve a warrant. The offender was in the living room, which was full of smoke, according to the GDC officer, and the offender informed the officers the marijuana was hers and she had been smoking it prior to their arrival. The responding deputy said “upon my arrival, the smell of marijuana was so strong I smelled it upon exiting my vehicle approximately 50-60 (feet) from the residence.” Two 5-year-old children were on the living room couch when the GDC officer arrived and the room was filled with smoke, indicating they were present when the offender was smoking marijuana.

Feb. 24

Two sisters got into an altercation when one sister started getting a little too rough while braiding the other sister’s hair, according to the report. The sisters began to argue and the offender pulled out the complainant’s braids. Both women said they put their fingers in the other’s face, resulting in the offender poking the complainant in the eye. The complainant then put the offender in a choke hold, and the offender bit the complainant on the left forearm. The complainant said she threw her sister on the ground and jumped over the railing, running back inside the home and locking the door. Neither sister wished to press charges.