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Funny money on the loose in Rincon
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Rincon officials are alerting the public to a possible counterfeiting operation in the area.

Counterfeit bills are being passed, they said.

“The money is in different denominations and has shown up at Wal-Mart and several convenience stores in the area,” Rincon Police Chief Mike Bohannon said.  

Rincon Police have sent their information to other law enforcement agencies and the Secret Service.

All other businesses are encouraged to check incoming currency bills. The counterfeit marker pens are available through Staples and other specialty office stores.

Authorities encouraged citizens to inspect their bills. If they have been touched by a marker pen, the color will be kind of yellowish-brown. If it comes up “black” when it is checked, it isn’t real. 

If payments are made at City Hall with suspect bills, the bill will be kept for the police department and there will not be any credit for the payment.
Officials suggest having bills checked with a pen.

Two of the bills that came into City Hall actually had the same serial number on them.  Authorities also are asking citizens to try to remember where they got counterfeit bills. You won’t go to jail, but you will lose the value of the dollars you are holding. 

Authorities also remind citizens not to try to pass off suspected counterfeit bills in an effort to get rid of them.