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Goshen Hills resident worried about ATV use
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A resident of the Goshen Hills subdivision near Rincon is upset over rampant ATV use in her neighborhood and a Friday night an accident involving one driver brought it to a head for her.

Asked how long the practice has been going on, resident Dorie Hamilton replied, “Oh gosh, they’ve been doing it ... seems like forever.”

In reality, it’s been over a year.

They ride on empty lots in the neighborhood and down the streets. Twice she’s caught two young men riding on her property, which extends halfway out to a dried-up lake behind her house.

And she explained that they ride into the night, disturbing her with all the noise they make and churning up lots of dust.

Yet her main concern is safety.

“What we’re worrying about is people getting hurt,” she explained.

According to the Georgia State Patrol that has already occurred.

On Aug. 24 around 6:30 p.m. Edward Vandine was traveling along Huger Street, the same street Hamilton lives on. As he approached a curve in the road, he tried to slow down, but instead lost control of his 1987 Kawasaki KRS ATV, flipped over and landed in a ditch.

Vandine could not be reached for comment.

“Four-wheelers have no business in a subdivision,” Hamilton said.

However, law enforcement officers have informed her that there is nothing they can do about it. And her neighborhood lacks a homeowners’ association.

She noted that someone could injure themselves while riding on her property and then try to sue her.

“I don’t need that — I don’t want that,” she protested.

Yet no one seems concerned about the issue, Hamilton said.

One resident personally knows two ATV drivers in the neighborhood and said he had no problem with it. Another resident in a different part of the subdivision said that no one living near him drives any.

Hamilton admitted that it has been quiet since the accident.

“They know they’re doing stuff they shouldn’t be doing,” she added.