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Guyton alderman arrested for Savannah incident
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A Guyton city alderman could face more repercussions following an incident over the weekend involving his estranged wife.

According to a Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police report, Michael Johnson was arrested late last Friday night near River Street after getting into an altercation with his wife. His wife took out a temporary protective order against Johnson in February.

Johnson, who is 6-feet-4, 260 pounds, is said to have hit his wife in the face. According to the report, Johnson said, "She got what was coming to her."

Johnson was elected to Guyton City Council in November 2009.

Johnson’s wife suffered bruises and required medical attention, the police report said.

Johnson was said to be calling his wife and a friend of hers "ho’s," according to the report. He was yelling at his wife to give him the keys to a 2007 white Chrysler 300, which he said was his vehicle.

Witnesses said Johnson pulled his wife from the car by her hair and began punching her in the face. Johnson told police he did not pull his wife from the car and that she started the altercation. Other witnesses told officers they recorded the incident on a cell phone camera.

The witness who recorded the incident showed officers the footage on her phone.

Mrs. Johnson’s friends who had given her a ride to pick up the car said they had dropped her off when they saw Michael Johnson step out and confront his wife. Another witness said Johnson stepped out from nearby bushes and began taking pictures of his wife and said he "had" her.

Mrs. Johnson told officers she had just gotten off work from Gulfstream and two of her co-workers dropped her off to pick up her vehicle at McGuire and Indian streets. She put a clipboard in the trunk and was getting in her vehicle when her husband emerged from the bushes and began taking pictures. She told officers her husband demanded the car keys.

She told her husband the car belonged to her and "he knew it." She got in the vehicle and attempted to drive away, but he pulled her out of the car by her hair and began beating on her, according to her report to police.

Police officers also said Johnson said he wanted them to arrest his wife and when they replied they would not, he said he was going to sue the officers.

Johnson was charged with one count of simple battery, two counts of simple assault and one count each of criminal trespass and disorderly conduct for a December 2009 domestic incident. That case was put on the dead docket in February 2010.

A temporary protective order was sworn out this February and as part of the agreement, Johnson’s wife was given possession of the Chrysler 300. According to court documents, violation of the TPO can result in "immediate arrest and criminal prosecution."

The order mandates that Johnson not come within 500 feet of his wife.

As part of the TPO application, Johnson’s wife said there were two other incidents involving her husband. In January of this year, according to the TPO application, Johnson called his wife, asking for his gun to be returned. She replied she did not know where it was.

Johnson, in his vehicle, followed his wife and whipped in front of her car in an attempt to run her off the road, according to court documents. He told her to either give him the gun or give him the car. His wife said in the TPO application that he likes to have his gun at all times and that she was afraid of him.