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Incident reports
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Criminal Trespassing

Miscellaneous complaint


An officer was dispatched in reference to a criminal trespass and possible drug activity. The officer spoke with the complainant who stated that and individual was selling crack behind his residence. The man further stated that he had a confrontation with the individual in a mobile home park next to the neighborhood that he lives in. The confrontation was verbal and was about to become physical. The man said that the individual was not allowed in the neighborhood and Effingham County dispatch confirmed that there was a criminal trespass warning against the individual. The man stated that if the individual "comes back on my property again, I will shoot that (blank) (blank), ’cause I have to do what I have to do."

Criminal Trespass

Theft by taking (Misdemeanor)(Other)


An officer responded to a call about a criminal trespass and theft by taking. The officer spoke with the complainant who stated that, while she was out of town in Savannah, the witness, who was working on the complainant’s property grinding up tree stumps, saw the offender knelt down beside the complainant’s truck siphoning gas. The witness then stated that the offender realized that he was caught and fled from the property across the small fence and into the residence located directly next door. The witness then stated he called the victim/complainant and waited for her to return home. The officer advised the complainant of all available remedies including court proceedings. The complainant filed a report of theft.

Dogs, cats, or livestock

running at large


An officer met with a woman who stated that she is irritated with dogs continuously coming into her yard defecating, as well as destroying her garden. She showed the officer the garden at the rear of her property where there were multiple dog prints throughout. She explained that the garden is outside her fence so that her own dogs don’t mess it up. She stated that she has attempted to fix the problem before by talking to the homeowners, but they keep using profanities towards her. She also stated that she has contacted the humane enforcement at least three times in reference to the matter. While the officer was talking with the woman, two of the dogs crawled outside the fence from an obvious hole they had dug. The woman stated that she is very tired of not being able to grow vegetables on her own property, and that she may shoot the dogs if it continues since there seems to be no other resolution to the problem.

Domestic Dispute


An officer responded to a physical domestic dispute in Rincon. Upon arrival, the officer observed the male standing out in the road next to his 2004 GMC Yukon in the roadway. The driver side rear glass was broken out. The officer met with the woman who stated that she and the male were living together and that she is also seven months pregnant with their child. She added that they had not been getting along lately. The woman said that they had both gotten up that morning and hardly talked all day. She stated that she took most of the day washing her Impala when the male just threw her floor mats to the ground and poured the dirty water over her clean car. She then advised the officer that after he did that she grabbed the flour from inside the residence and put it on his GMC. He then got angry and spread flour inside her car, trunk, and on the rear bumper of the car. The woman then said that she became angry and grabbed a butcher knife and stabbed the man’s front passenger tire. The man then grabbed the knife and stabbed her passenger rear tire. She grabbed the tire iron hitting the driver side window breaking it, and then threw a ten pound dumbbell at his hood causing a dent and scratched paint. The man stated that he only stabbed her tire because she stabbed his. The officer found out that the man was wanted in Effingham County. The officer then placed both the man and woman under arrest. They were taken to the Effingham County Jail.

Terroristic Threats


An officer spoke with a complainant about a threatening phone call. The witness said that the complainant received a call from the suspect’s sister, who told her that the suspect said he was going to get a gun, shoot the complainant and the witness, and kidnap the children. The complainant and the suspect have two small children together. The complainant also advised that the suspect is on parole and has a documented history of threatening her in Chatham and Bryan counties as well as the Georgia prison system.

Civil matter


An officer spoke with a man who stated that he had an issue with his in-laws earlier that day. The man stated that when he arrived home from work he found his in-laws changing the locks on his house and telling him that he had 30 minutes to get his things and leave. The man had lived in the house approximately seven years, but the house was in his father-in-law’s name. The man wanted clarification on the laws regarding eviction. The officer then advised the in-laws that they couldn’t simply tell him to leave, but they would have to file eviction paperwork through the courts to evict him.

Entering motor vehicle with intent to commit theft or felony


An officer met with a man at his residence in reference to an entering an auto complaint. The man stated that he parked his truck in his driveway the night before and in the morning he discovered that somebody had broken the part of the rear sliding glass window out to gain entry. The man said that the offender had taken around $40 to $50 cash from the center console. He could not find anything else missing and was unsure why the person(s) broke the window since both doors were left unlocked. No finger nor footprints were observed but there were two small blood drops located in the car with broken glass.

Harassing phone calls


A man stated that he received a phone call from an unwanted female out of Atlanta who threatened to come to his house and "blow his brains out." The man contacted Verizon and they advised him that they are having problems with people hacking their customer’s phone numbers and making unwanted phone calls.

Traffic violation/complaint


While traveling west on Ebenezer Road, an officer observed a white Ford Mustang pass at an extremely high rate of speed. The officer turned around and activated his emergency lights and siren, in an attempt to perform a traffic stop. The vehicle accelerated, trying to get away from the officer. The officer observed a large amount of tire smoke and dust leading onto Rincon Stillwell Road as the officer turned onto the road. The offender’s vehicle was approximately 200 yards ahead of the officer. The vehicle passed several vehicles in no-passing zones. The vehicle would accelerate nearly out of sight on the straight sections of the road, but the officer quickly caught up at the curves. The officer’s vehicle speeds were over 120 miles per hour at times. The offender made an abrupt right turn onto Rahn’s Street followed by a left onto Williams Street. The vehicle drove through a yard and slid to a stop behind a house on Williams Street. The offender ran from his vehicle and circled the entire residence before entering the side door to the home. The officer ran to the front corner of the home and observed the offender exit the home front door. The officer chased the offender on foot over a fence and into the yard next door. The offender eventually stopped and was placed into handcuffs. There was a strong odor of alcohol on the man that got stronger as he spoke. The man denied drinking any alcohol. The offender refused to give a breath test as requested. The offender was taken to the Effingham County Jail where he was charged with felony fleeing or attempting to elude a law enforcement officer, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, driving under the influence of alcohol, obstruction, and passing in a no-passing zone.

Theft by taking (Misdemeanor)(Bicycle)


An officer spoke with a woman who stated that a bike that she was in the process of purchasing was stolen from her residence. She said that the bike was leaned up against the stairs of the residence. They left the residence and upon returning home, she and her family didn’t see the bike. She stated that "they," her family, spoke with some of the residents who say that they had seen the bike and also said that "it was pink earlier, now it’s white." The woman stated that "this is an antique bike and there are no others like it in the area." She and her family stated that they did see a man riding a bike that looked like their bike but didn’t confront him due to a possible confrontation that would result. A while later, the officer returned to the residence where the woman then stated that her son was walking down the street and found the bike near the Country Side Village property manager’s building. The bike was completely white with orange paint over the wheels, fenders, and tires. All parties involved stated that they were unsure who may