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Police reports
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Springfield, Highway 21 South
Disorderly conduct

At approximately 7:12, police officers responded to a miscellaneous complaint. When they arrived, the man staggered out of his home and began to tell the officer he needed help. The man was obviously intoxicated and admitted to always being that way. The officer asked if the man needed EMS but he said no. The man stated that he needed mental help and the officer offered him a ride to the hospital. The man said he didn’t want to go to the Effingham Hospital. He began to curse and wave his arms around. He was then placed in handcuffs to avoid further incident. It was brought to the officers’ attention that deputies have responded to his home nine times during the past two months for issues like this. The man always refused any aid offered to him and has been warned about calling the sheriff’s office for no reason. The man was transported to the sheriff’s office, where he was charged with disorderly conduct.

Rincon, Archer Road
Probation violation

Upon arrival to Archer Road, the officer met with a man in the roadway. A call came out about a man walking down the roadway carrying a long stick. After making contact with the man, he had a shower curtain rod and personal luggage. The officer asked him for I.D. and he ran it through Effingham dispatch. The man’s identification came back as wanted on probation violation in Effingham County. The man was arrested then and his personal items were taken to the man’s girlfriend. The man was then taken to Effingham County Jail for booking.

Rincon, Long Pond Road
Criminal trespass

An officer met with a man at his residence. The man advised him that he owns property on both sides of his neighbor. His neighbor had been putting tree limbs on his property for years and he noticed that more had been put there. The man also said that sometime within the last two nights someone tore one of his motion sensors down from the driveway, which he believes was also the neighbor. The officer tried to make contact with the neighbor, but he was not home.

Meldrim, Fourth Street Extension
Domestic dispute

An officer responded to the area of 4th Street Extension in Meldrim, in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, the officers located a male standing outside the residence stating that he was the victim’s father. The complainant and the victim were sitting on the doorsteps of the residence. They both stated that an altercation took place with the suspects over a missing bottle of Xanax, which were prescribed to the victim. The victim stated that the suspect assaulted her because she accused her of taking the pills. Two men got into an altercation because one of the men was attempting to stop the fight. The man’s shirt was torn and the woman had visible marks on her face. The officer made contact with the suspect inside her residence. The woman stated that the victim attacked her because she thought she had taken the pills. The suspect also had visible contusions and scrapes on her arms. The woman stated that her husband only pulled the other man away from the fight. There were visible piles of hair from both females scattered throughout the living room. All parties involved in the incident were inebriated.

Guyton, Royal Oak Drive
Entering motor vehicle with intent to commit theft of felony

An officer spoke with a woman stating that when she got into her car this morning, she noticed three Walmart gift cards and $1,000 missing. After speaking to the woman, the officer spoke with a man who stated that his daughter, the woman, told him someone broke into her vehicle so he went to his truck to see if anything was missing. The man stated that when he looked in his vehicle, he noticed his Colt .45 and two magazines, and a super Sabrelite flashlight was missing.