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Rincon Police reports
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Oct. 18
Disorderly conduct
A woman said she had words with a neighbor. The complainant told officers she was looking inside a vehicle when the neighbor started yelling obscenities at her. The complainant was upset because her child was present and she didn’t want her child to hear that kind of language. The offender said she was going to get her mail when she saw the complainant staring at her. She said she asked the complainant what she was staring at, and the complainant responded with a gesture involving her middle finger.

Oct. 17
Dog at large/leash law violation
Police were called for a report of a loose dog, and when the officer arrived, a brown-and-white medium-sized dog charged his patrol car. The dog was growling, preventing the officer from getting out of the car. The officer saw a smaller dog without leash in the yard, which did not have a fence. Effingham County Sheriff’s animal control was called and they returned both dogs inside the home. A neighbor said both dogs have gotten out in the past, and it appeared whoever left the home last failed to close the door fully, allowing both dogs to get out.

Unlawful manufacture, delivery and distribution of controlled substance
An officer was on Highway 21 when he spotted what appeared to be illegal tint on a car. He told the driver why he was getting pulled over, and the driver seemed nervous. He said he didn’t like getting stopped by the police. The driver said he was on probation for a drug-related offense. A back seat passenger said he had a “grinder” in his bag. The officer noticed a large knife sticking out of the center console. The officer asked for the vehicle’s occupants to get out of the car, and then he saw a rectangular, green pill that turned out to be Alprazolam. One of the other passengers said the pill belonged to him, and that passenger was arrested. A check of the car’s window tint showed it was legal.

Oct. 17
Officers were called to Walmart, where the loss prevention officer told them a suspect attempted to leave without paying for two boxes of golf balls. When she confronted him, he dropped the merchandise and ran out of the store. Another officer later stopped someone fitting the offender’s description, who was arrested.

Oct. 17
Officers responded to a report of a suspected shoplifter. An officer stopped a man fitting the suspect’s description, and the subject was extremely nervous and fidgety. He also began to sweat profusely, claiming it was hot outside, though the temperature was in the 70s and there was no direct sunlight where they were. The man said it was a misunderstanding, and he had forgotten his credit card. He said he was going to retrieve it from his car, though the card was in his pocket. He also said his car was parked at Fort Howard Square, though it was front of Walmart. He also advised the officer that he didn’t want have anything to do with arresting him since he had a lawsuit against Walmart.

Oct. 17
Disorderly person
A woman told police her son threatened to kill himself by jumping out of a second-floor window at their home. She said her son had been drinking heavily. Her son left the house and she said he could be at a friend’s house. The woman said she already has information from the Georgia Crisis Line, and the officer told her she was on the right track and she should call the police when her son returned. She was issued a case reference number and wished good luck.

Oct. 13
Driving while license suspended
A Rincon officer was southbound on Columbia Avenue around 11 p.m. when he passed a vehicle headed north with no headlights. When the blue lights were turned on, the suspect car turned abruptly onto Weisenbaker Road and stopped in the middle of the intersection. It appeared the driver and passenger changed positions, and the vehicle was bouncing heavily.
It appeared the driver was going to flee from the passenger side. The woman now in the driver’s seat was asked for her license, and the man in the passenger seat was asked for his. The passenger said he did not have one. They asked why they were stopped and they were told it was because their headlights weren’t on. The man in the passenger seat said, “I forgot to turn them on,” indicating he had been the driver.
The woman in the driver’s seat said she was tired and wanted to go home. When asked why they swapped seats in the car, she said she didn’t know but admitted they did change seats. The man who had been the driver had a strong odor of alcohol coming from him, and his eyes were glassy and bloodshot.

Oct. 12
Simple battery
A woman said her brother’s ex-girlfriend’s grandmother assaulted her. The victim told officers she brought her brother to the home from South Carolina so he could visit with his son. She said she noticed the child’s tooth was broken and asked the grandmother how it occurred. She told officers the grandmother said the tooth grew in that way. She replied that teeth don’t grow in broken and that the child needed to see a dentist. The grandmother grew angry over being told how to raise the child and asked the complainant to leave.
As the victim was leaving, the grandmother followed her and eventually pushed her from behind. The offender slapped at her, grazing the victim’s nose. When officers arrived, the grandmother was on the front porch yelling profanities toward the victim and telling her to get off her property, which the victim already was. The offender was told several times to go back inside and wait for an officer to speak with her.
The offender was placed under arrest for simple assault, following a brief resistance. The victim’s brother said he saw his child’s grandmother push his sister and swing at her but did not know if she made contact. He also declined to complete a witness statement. During the ride to the jail for booking, the offender said several times, “All I did was push her. I barely even touched her.”