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Rincon Police reports
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Nov. 6

No operating brake lights

Bench warrant

An officer pulled over a driver around 10 a.m. to inform him his brake lights weren’t working. A check of his records through central dispatch showed the driver was wanted on a bench warrant by the Pembroke Police Department.


Nov. 10

Harassing phone calls

A woman told police her ex-boyfriend had been calling her at work constantly. She said he was using an application on his cell phone that changed his number, so she would not know it was him. She also said he told her that if she changes her phone number, he will show up at her workplace. The woman previously had filed incident reports with Bryan County and Pooler.


Nov. 10

Theft by taking

A man told officers a chain saw had been taken out of the bed of his pickup while he was inside a store. An officer spoke to the store’s security officer, who had a video of the incident and of another truck pulling up next to the victim’s pickup.


Nov. 10

Disorderly house

An officer was at a scene when two people approached his car and were arguing. After finishing with the issue at hand, the officer went to their home. The man said he had been renting a room from the woman and when he came home, he found his box spring and mattress, along with some of his personal items, were on the porch. The woman, who said the man had been threatening her, said the landlord told her to put the man’s belongings on the porch. The woman was told she would have to go through eviction procedures to get him out of the home. Both people continued to argue and continued to yell at each other as the woman placed the man’s items back inside the home. Officers responded again less than two hours later after neighbors complained about the ongoing noise. The man said the woman came to his door, banging on it and screaming at him. The woman said the man was walking around the house, yelling and screaming at her. Both were arrested and cited.


Nov. 11

Disorderly conduct

Officers responded to a call about a man exposing himself to others. The suspect was said to be circling Fort Howard Square in his car. The complainant said she was in the Walmart parking lot walking toward the bank when the first incident occurred. She said the driver passed her four times and each time exposed himself. The driver said he was driving around but that he was changing his clothes.


Nov. 13

Simple assault

Disorderly conduct

A man said a neighbor pulled a gun on him after the complainant was in his own back yard cutting tree limbs. The offender approached him along the fence line and called him an expletive. The victim responded, “I ain’t no (expletive),” and as he looked through the fence, he saw the offender had a pistol. The complainant told officers “either he goes to jail or someone is going to die tonight.”

An officer spoke with the neighbor, who had a holster. The neighbor and officer walked to the back of the property and the neighbor showed the officer that the tree was on his side of the property line. He was feeding his goats when he heard the limb fall and then he noticed the complainant was cutting off limbs on his side of the fence. He asked if he had permission to do that and said the complainant became verbally abusive and even pushed the fence. The complainant saw the gun in the holster and said, “You pull out a gun on me, I am calling the cops.” The neighbor said he never removed the gun from the holster and it was visible only because his shirt wasn’t covering it up.