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Rincon Police reports
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Dec. 11
Violations of controlled substances act
Possession of alcohol by a minor
A homeowner told officers a young man who had been staying with her had become disorderly and had been stealing items from the house. She told officers he and another friend had left the house, and the vehicle’s driver was a minor and was drinking alcohol. Officers found the suspect vehicle, but the passenger said they had just dropped off the young man at home. Officers noticed alcohol on the passenger’s breath and also found beer cans and a beer box in the vehicle. Officers also found a green, leafy substance later identified as marijuana. The passenger said the marijuana must be old because he had not smoked any in about two weeks.

Dec. 11
Entering an auto with intent to commit theft
A man said his wallet had been stolen from his truck in August, but he didn’t think anything of it then. He recently received a call from a credit union in Virginia that someone applied for a car loan using his identity. He said he informed the credit union he is going to file fraud charges on the offender.

Dec. 11
Dog at large/leash law violation
Officers were notified that a man went to retrieve a ball near a backyard fence and was bitten by a pit bull that came through the fence. The dog’s owner said she had been having problems with people antagonizing the dog at the fence and she will find a better way to house the dog. She was advised to contact police if harassment of the dog continues.

Dec. 12
Forgery in the first degree
A man told police he had purchased a pre-paid gift card at a local store, with $400 on the card. But when he went to retrieve the money, he was told it had been used up. He contacted the corporate office and the card company and filed a fraud claim.

Dec. 13
Theft or lost or mislaid property
A Springfield man left his wallet in a Rincon restaurant. When he realized he didn’t have it, he returned to the restaurant, believing he had left it on the counter. Restaurant workers said they did not recall seeing his wallet. They told officers they have cameras but those are not working properly. The complainant said the wallet contained his license and $250.

Dec. 13
No insurance
Driving with suspended tag
An officer using the mobile tag reader received a no-insurance hit on a car. He called dispatch for a registration check, and he was told the car had no insurance and a suspended registration. The driver said she did not have her license on her and the car belonged to her sister. A check showed she had a suspended license.