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Sheriff's, police reports
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April 20
Heidt Landing Road
Burglary (forced entry- residence)
Theft by taking
(felony)(from building)
Deputies were dispatched to Heidt Landing in response to a burglary. The complainant told the police that he was watching over the house while the owners were out of town. He said that when he went to check on the house earlier that day, he noticed that the front door was open and he could tell that the door had been forced open. He called the owners and went inside. He found that the Wii video game machine was missing along with a DVD player and a TV. He didn’t notice if anything else was missing. Since the owner was not there, the shift supervisor was advised of the situation and the on call investigator was notified.

April 25
Noel C Conaway
Disorderly or indecent conduct
Disrupting public school
When a teacher tried to stop a student from trying to finish a part of the CRCT that he missed, the student got mad. When he was escorted to the front office he started to yell at the teacher and the school staff. The student was then released to his grandmother.

April 27
Deerwood Court
Theft by taking (misdemeanor)(other)
A woman told the deputy that she had just gotten a prescription for pain medication and had not used any of them. She found that 10 pills were missing after hearing the offender in the bathroom shaking what sounded like a pill bottle. When she confronted the man, he denied it. She later found the pills in a drawer where she said that she would never had put them. When she was notified that the man had been arrested for driving with a suspended license and was going to jail, she said that she wouldn’t take out warrants against the man.

April 29
First St Ext.
Crossing of guard lines with drugs without consent of warden
Possession of marijuana
less than one ounce
When an officer was informed that an inmate was in possession of a green leafy substance, they went and checked the inmate’s cell. When the inmate tried to flush the bag down the toilet, the officer recovered it and had it sent out to the crime scene unit for drug testing.

April 30
Sparrow Lane
A black male with a gray jacket knocked on a woman’s door. Then he tried to get into her house but the door was locked. When the woman went to the door, she saw the man walking away. When the police got there, they saw and checked a green Chevy. When the officer left the vehicle, it drove away. The officer thought that the suspect might have been driving. When the officer ran the tags, the address that was brought up was unable to be located.

May 17
Lisa Street
Theft by taking – felony
When a man bought a new TV for his living room, he put the old one in the kitchen. The man stated that he last saw the TV on Friday and that he noticed it missing with the remote on Saturday. He thinks that his roommate took the TV, along with a weight bench. He also thinks that he staged the whole thing to look like a break-in. It is believed that the suspect left the area and is moving to Florida.

May 18
S Columbia Avenue
Theft by taking
When an officer was on patrol near the Georgian Apartments, he was stopped and was told of a robbery that had taken place. The boy stated that when he went to Wal-Mart last night, a man came over to him carrying a case of beer. The man asked to borrow the bike and the boy agreed because he feared for his safety. The man left with the bike. Later on, the officer contacted Wal- Mart to see if they caught anything on video. They couldn’t see anything but did inform the officer that the case of beer was stolen as well.

May 19
Lockner Drive
Entering an auto
Complainant stated that their vehicle was broken into between 7-9 p.m. The right rear side window was broken into. Fingerprints and photos have been taken.

May 21
Carolina Avenue
When officers responded to a burglary call, they learned that when the man went to the shed behind his office, he noticed that a window was open. When he entered the shed, he also noticed that several plastic containers had been emptied of their contents. When he reviewed the security tape, he identified the man taking the brass and copper fittings from the shed. The area was dusted for fingerprints and photos were taken.

May 22
Lisa Street
Criminal trespass
When a man came home to his apartment, he noticed that someone had egged his vehicle. He immediately washed it off and called the police. No other damage has been observed.

May 22
Acorn Street
Theft by taking
Criminal trespass
A woman noticed that 15 plants were taken from outside her house.

May 22
Lisa Street
Armed robbery
When the victims were outside, two black males wearing all black clothing and Spiderman masks came up to them. One of the males was carrying a black semi-automatic handgun and used it to get money. The offenders took one of the victim’s wallets and left. No one else saw what happened. The victim was advised to cancel all bank cards as soon as possible.

May 25
Oxford Circle
Criminal trespass
A man was watching over his neighbor’s house while they were away. When he last checked the house, he noticed that a window screen had been removed from the back porch. He went around the house to see if anything else had been messed with. Nothing else seemed to be out of place. All of the doors and windows had been locked.

May 25
Chatham Avenue
Criminal trespass
The deacon of the Bryant Temple Church noticed that unknown persons had placed a black substance on the front walkway and door of the church. Upon inspection of the building, it did not appear that the charcoal dust had damaged any property.