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Sheriff's reports--mid Aug.
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Aug. 11
Incident: Miscellaneous complaint
City: Springfield
The complainant went to the wrong address and was informed by subjects in the yard that he did not live there. He then went to the right house and later returned to the first house to apologize for his mistake. As he approached the home, five males attacked him and beat him with a 9mm silver pistol. The complainant could not say which house it was. He requested EMS but refused to be taken to the hospital. The case was turned over to investigations.

Aug. 11
Incident: Criminal damage to property in second degree
City: not listed
The offender was terminated from his job as a dishwasher at Ms. Steph’s Restaurant. However, he may have returned later. The top of an outdoor shed was sliced, some plants were knocked over, the outdoor hot water tap and two LP gas tanks were left on all night and some wires were cut and there were some missing air conditioner fuses. The complainant asked for extra patrols at night.

Aug. 14
Incident: Miscellaneous complaint
City: Bloomingdale
A man called the complainant and indicated that he was with EMS and wanted to know if she was going to make another donation to EMS. He also asked her to confirm her address. The complainant tried to call the offender back several times to determine if the number was for an actual company.

Aug. 15
Incident: Theft by taking
City: Guyton
The complainant parked his boat, motor and trailer on Courthouse Road with the hope of selling them. However, someone used a type of cutting device and cut the locking bolt, which held the motor to the boat and removed the motor. He didn’t have the serial number.