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Woman arrested after her dog bites child
0719 Judy Stanley
Judy Stanley

A Rincon woman was arrested Wednesday after her dog reportedly attacked and injured an 8-year-old boy.

The child was taken to a Savannah hospital for treatment and is “improving,” said Effingham County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Detective David Ehsanipoor.

According to investigators, the boy was walking along Greenbay Avenue toward his house when he was attacked a dog described as an English bulldog mix. The dog “was just running loose,” Ehsanipoor said.

The dog bit the boy “numerous times” on his arms and legs, Ehsanipoor said. A female bystander used a rake to force the dog off the child.

Because the animal’s teeth were filed down, investigators believe it was once used as a “bait” dog to train fighting dogs. “Bait” dogs are used for fighting dogs to practice on, and their teeth are cut or filed so they don’t fight back.

“The child’s injuries could’ve been much worse if the dog had all his regular teeth and if the bystander had not been there to help,” Ehsanipoor said.

Judy May Stanley, 55, said the dog belonged to her, but she had not taken it for any vaccinations, including for rabies. Rincon Police charged Stanley with obstruction of a law enforcement officer, having a dog at-large and a dog with an expired rabies tag.

Stanley was taken to Effingham County Jail. She was released Wednesday night on a $3,500 bond.

The Effingham County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the dog’s history. Stanley told investigators she received the dog from a woman who said she rescued it after it had been used as a “bait” dog.

Stanley voluntarily signed the dog over to the county’s custody. The dog will be quarantined for 10 days and then “most likely will be euthanized,” Ehsanipoor said.

“I don’t think anything could save the dog from being euthanized,” he added.