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Effingham Chamber hosts 2017 review

Attendees of the 2017 Eggs and Issues Review Wednesday morning filled their bellies and their minds as three local State Representatives spoke about a number of issues following the catered breakfast.

Once again, Effingham College and Career Academy (ECCA) served as the venue of the Eggs and Issues Review but this time, it wasn’t students providing the breakfast. Southern Kafe’s staff worked hard preparing the meal and offered up every breakfast item imaginable; from biscuits with sawmill gravy to fresh fruit and everything in between.

Dr. Barbara Prosser, Effingham County Chamber of Commerce President and ECCA CEO, welcomed the attendees of the Review and introduced Dinah King, the Legislative Affairs Committee Co-chair.

King went over Chamber Legislative Priorities and then introduced the State Legislators.

A few of those that Kind mentioned were continuing efforts to secure funding to improve transportation alternatives, monitoring proposed regulations for the management of all water resources including the Floridian aquifer and the Savannah and Ogeechee Rivers to sustain the environment and economy of Effingham County and efforts to maintain Georgia’s health planning process, which preserves access to health care for all Georgians.

Speaking and taking questions were State Representative Bill Hitchens, State Senator Jack Hill and State Representative and House Majority Leader Jon Burns.

Rep. Hitchens spoke first and discussed a number of issues, including the Pipeline Bill, the Diverging Diamond Interchange in Port Wentworth and the importance of the ports in the area.

Senator Hill spoke second and discussed the 2017 budget, the importance and need of increasing pay for teachers, police officers and firefighters, the ongoing need to maintain safe and fiscal transportation alternatives and retirement funds.

Speaking last was House Majority Leader Burns, who discussed the numerous pages the three of them had the pleasure of hosting at the State Capitol this year, the 2017 budget, a number of House Bills and healthcare.

Dr. Prosser and the Chamber of Commerce wanted to gratefully acknowledge all those who helped make the 2017 Eggs and Issues Review a success. Those include: Dinah King, Michelle Liotta, Toss Allen, Brett Bennett, Janis Bevill, Kris Brinker, Rep. Jon Burns, Dr. Franklin Goldwire, John Henry, Rep. Bill Hitchens, Herb Jones, Michael King, Freddy Long, Joe Marchese, Linda McDaniel, Ann Purcell, Dr. Randy Shearouse, Wes Smith and Larry D. Weddle.

A special thank you was also given to ECCA, Southern Kafe, and Vision Financial, who sponsored the event.