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Effingham County Animal Shelter progressing to becoming no-kill shelter

SPRINGFIELD – The Effingham County Animal Shelter, led by Director Lorna Shelton, continues to progress to its goal of be-coming a no-kill operation.

Since 2015, the number of euthanized shelter animals has dropped precipitously – from 1,606 in 2015 to 182 in 2022. During that span, the number of animals taken in has decreased from 2,238 to 646.

Following is the breakdown by year:

2015: Intake 2,238 Euthanasia 1,606

2016: Intake 2,337 Euthanasia 1,374

2017: Intake 2,268 Euthanasia 1,086

2018: Intake 1,837 Euthanasia 691 (Barn cat was implemented in late March)

2019: Intake 1,491 Euthanasia 660

2020: Intake 826 Euthanasia 219 (Covid with lock downs)

2021 Intake 651 Euthanasia 191

2022 Intake 646 Euthanasia 182

In 2022, the shelter accepted 245 cats, 384 dogs, one pig and one horse. Eighty-nine cats, 90 dogs and the pig were adopted.

Seventy-four animals, including the horse, were reclaimed by their owner or returned to the field (barn cats).

One hundred 17 dogs and 53 cats were transferred out.

Seventy cats and 112 dogs were euthanized. Three cats and two dogs died in the shelter.